[Your Bitcoin Manager] Tutorial to create a Bitcoin Wallet with funds for free

In this tutorial we are going to create a free Bitcoin wallet in the Test Network The Test Network is a network that developers are using to develop Bitcoin based applications without having to spend real money

So, we create a new account and we press the button "Create New Account", after waiting some seconds we have our own first Bitcoin Wallet Now, we have to add funds, to do it we press on the button where the balance is It will appear 3 things: First, The public address of our wallet Second, A button to add funds Third, A button to withdraw funds We copy the public address and we press the button to add funds Now, we use the copied public address to fill the data in this website so we can get some Bitcoin funds for free Back to the application, and maybe after some time, we can check the balance of our wallet to see how we have received the funds


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