Top 5 blockchain news of the week – Week #36 of 2018

Hey blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and welcome back to OkayKrypto! It has been an interesting week in the blockchain space so let’s get you all caught up! Here's the top 5 news of the week! Earlier this week, the police in Russia seized 22 bitcoin ATMS in 9 different cities And get this, the company that operates these ATMs had not even received any queries from the authorities before this happened! Rude

Eminem surprised the world when he dropped his new album, ‘Kamikaze’ Did you know that one of the tracks on it called, “Not Alike” mentions Bitcoin? Pretty cool stuff Line’s got its own blockchain network now! It’s called Link Chain and it features its own cryptocurrency, Link However, users can’t use it on the Line app just yet Blockchain voting again? Who’s testing it out this time? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Japan’s turn! Japan is testing out blockchain voting for residents to decide on local programs

And last, but certainly not least, how could we not end this video without mentioning the tumble that Bitcoin, Ripple and in particular, Ethereum took! Ethereum has hit new lows since September last year and was actually trading at $208 yesterday Well, that wraps up our updates for this week! Stay tuned for our weekly Friday uploads where we will dish out some sizzling hot blockchain and crypto news! Don’t miss out, subscribe now and click on that bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of our uploads!


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