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hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the financial investor channel my name is Brent and I'm excited today to be giving you guys these stocks to watch or stocks to buy in January 2018 and beyond last month stocks pics were amazing you know CenturyLink AT&T Verizon Comcast they all did great and December CenturyLink was one of my ones I had held I believe it won for the month over 14 15 percent in my portfolio it did recover quite a bit from what I had lost but it was a great pick if you guys had added it to your portfolio along with AT&T and Verizon and Comcast they all did really well this month so January 2018 and beyond I will be talking about a few companies pertaining to blockchain technology and as a dividend investor I will be focused on you know dividend paying stocks so I will be covering a few here I did post on my Facebook page if you guys follow my Facebook page I talked a little bit about you know I'll be looking at Walmart IBM and I posted a few articles I've also deep dived into this a little bit more you know I enjoy technology that's my field I'm an engineer so I'm looking at ways now how technology you know will work right now and in the future you know I invest very heavily in technology if you look at my stock picks I do all sorts of Technology f3 Telecom I have like five or six different tech companies so I'm very involved in technology and going forward in 2018 I believe blockchain will be huge just look at 2017 many companies have began to take advantage of blockchain crypto currencies has jumped into the media attention so we're gonna be starting off this video by talking about what is blockchain and what companies will be using blockchain so first of all blockchain it was introduced back in o8 as the basis for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin but it became much more an eventually blockchain is starting to become the backbone of the new type of the Internet for the future and the main principle behind blockchain is it's a digital cloud database that offers transparency it also uses computer logic to make operations automated and computer fast so if you know it's all kept on the cloud there's no physical form of this thing that means that if you if you order a product a service is stored this information stored in the actual computer code and when that you know when the item is delivered the payments is made the system automatically recognizes everything for you and recognizes the transaction and changes the ownerships rights for you you know it's very fast very quick and it's a you know people or companies are going to be moving to this technology because it's a way to be very secure blockchain itself crypto currencies you know they're said to be unhackable so a couple financial stocks buried recovering as GS ticker symbol GS its Goldman Sachs and JP m is the ticker symbol for JP Morgan or Chase's what many people would call them so both of these companies have been looking you know they've been knocking calling Bitcoin itself fraud but the actual technology behind blockchain is what they're looking to incorporate into their businesses so JP Morgan has poured an enormous amount of resources into blockchain research and I've actually partnered up with digital asset Holdings the few of the cryptocurrencies pertaining to the financial sector would be Ripple and it is a digital asset that uses XRP and while ripple doesn't rely on Bitcoin it does uses again its own digital asset which is called XRP I'm not gonna be deep diving into X RP or ripple because I believe a lot of you know a lot of other made me that into a whole nother video I mean I believe that ripple will be one of the stronger ones in the future I'm looking at Bitcoin too Napster and Kazaa as you know as an early player bitcoins an8 you know there's much better technologies coming out here Ripple what's ripple primarily used for you know ripple itself is for customers with settlements they can take 3 to 4 seconds and it's a two-way messaging system that can see the account number matches and the intended recipient and then it sends the messages back and forth and then when the payment is arrived at the destination the information drives down sends a notification to both sides and then this whole system it just drives down the error rates in issues that could take place when sending transactions it's also lightning speed when getting involved in banking so a lot of these banking companies will begin to you know invest and use blockchain for their financial systems a couple technologies act companies will be Microsoft they do there is our cloud Microsoft has already created a special team to conduct blockchain research and support collaboration additionally Microsoft does offer a black blockchain as a service and it's a solution to help corporations build their own systems on the basis of Microsoft Azure cloud service so again this is a cloud database up and it's using lightning speed you know super fast super reliable and so those are the five stocks we have Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Microsoft IBM and Intel so really quickly we're gonna be taking a look you know this is IBM's website here they're already talking a little bit about blockchain solutions like technology my left thought up here for a while so you guys could probably scan it over while I was just kind of chatting away this was another article that I had posted on my facebook that talks about how IBM and stellar are launching their own blockchain technology banking across multiple countries Walmart is doing some little they're using blockchain over in China to verify and their items you know their products what's in storage what's dinosaurs what was purchased all this is done very lightning fast and this article kind of goes on to cover a couple banking sectors such as stellar IBM and kind of goes into ways that we could replace it you know a bit Pisa which relies on Bitcoin network to replace traditional wire transfer so you know they're already started to make them move across from you know using blockchain and Bitcoin has a way of verifying its that so this is another good article here this is good stock of invest I was taking a look through this one this kind of covers a lot of what I had talked about what blockchain is it also goes in to talk a little bit about Microsoft IBM and Intel and they have all made significant progress into the blockchain adoption and development and kind of like you know Microsoft's again this talks a little bit about their Microsoft Azure cloud service until they begin certainly kind of getting involved in blockchain and talks later about how they're planning it to use it towards our Linux system and such and their IBM cloud service and kind of offer different services off of that for other users to you know get involved in that way and then Intel they're starting to kind of take on their own strategy on how to enter the blockchain technology I think they're a little bit behind IBM I believe Microsoft was the first one IBM and then you know Intel coming in there about three tech companies beginning to take advantage of blockchain now there isn't a lot of information out there whether Apple or Google are beginning to take advantage of this but I believe that if they did it would benefit them all just in regards to safety you know it's more secure a couple other articles I'll have all of these in the description below I have taken on read you know read through them but I'm not going to be covering them all because that'll make the video incredibly long and I would rather just kind of cover the the five stocks themselves if they are great stocks to buy in 2015 so what did I click on the barons so we're gonna go ahead and punch in these tickers and take a look at whether their stock is good at this current time for January or if we could wait a little bit so the first ticker it was Goldman Sachs then we have JP M which is JP Morgan followed right behind my Microsoft IBM and Intel now I already own Microsoft and not that one what is that Intel so I will primarily be taking a look at whether to add IBM goldman sachs or JP Morgan I don't have any financial companies currently in my portfolio I did sell off my New York Community Bancorp so let's go ahead and begin with goldman sachs now first thing I like to take a look at the price to yield ratio and take a look at the price how it's jumped in the last year in comparison to its yield you can see for the most part during 2017 it was doing the tea cup method where had fallen down into the man 215 dollar range 210 dollar range that's still quite high for new investors so if you are looking to get involved in the financial sector with that taken advantage of blockchain you may look into an ETF that has these but as of right around like prior to October I remember there was an article that talked about how Goldman Sachs had you know they were calling Bitcoin fraud but also released around around this time frame that they're gonna get involved in crypto currencies and then this saw kind of jump it up pretty crazy so I'm not I don't know if that growth is pertaining to that whole discussion but you can see here that the yield is right around 11 for where else in the past through April through October it was hovering in the 1

2 12 fives 130 so it is down quite a bit and the stock could continue to rise in the future but at this current time it may not look like a good opportunity to buy now looking at its revenue free cash flow and net income those are all good stocks to look at here I like to look at the 5-year and then look at them percentage-wise so as far as revenue goes they are down five point one three percent for the over five years the net income is down one point zero three and their free cash flow is down by more than a hundred and ninety seven percent so not an amazing you know if you're a dividend investor I would definitely want to take a look at their dividend payout ratio and how long they've paid dividends how long they've continued to have dividend growth what's their dividend growth look like now let's take a look at the price the book and price to earnings we can see their price the book value is actually really nice you know one for one ratio what I mean that you're buying their price at their current book value of the company so this is actually right around even and if you look at it for the long term he normally stays at right around this list this area where as their p/e ratio their p/e ratio say for the last couple years has hovered right around let's take a look at five years that takes it that takes a little bit better so you can see here that the p/e ratio for Goldman Sachs hovers maybe between ten eleven or so but into 2016 2017 it had jumped up high which means that their earnings may not have been great in comparison to the price but now that their earnings have begun to get better their p/e ratio has begun to kind of drop back down to the norm so it is a little bit elevated in comparison to the past but it could still be considered a good one to look at in the future now next is JP Morgan now this is a lot of them no no this company has chase now again I like to take a look at its five-year just really quickly look at the dividend yield and the price we can see it again this talk man started in January just took off for the most part prior to January 2017 this stock was trading right down in the sixty five fifty five to sixty seven dollar range January first that's that company took off and it's now over a hundred and six dollars so just about increased by more than a hundred percent in the last year now see you so at this time I would consider this one a bit overpriced let's take a look at the revenue free cash flow net income for the last five years and it's go look at percentage-wise cuz you know this shows like the there aren't billions obviously but I'd like to take a look at how they're moving so net income is up sixteen point two percent their free cash flow is down eight point eight percent and their revenue is up one point eight seven so not too bad for a financial company their free cash flow it does waver up and down that's to be expected but you know it's not as bad as say Goldman Sachs so let's go remove JP Morgan free cash flow down one hundred and ninety seven percent this is much nicer number and if we look at it over the ten-year here we can see that net income is up three hundred and forty-one percent the revenue is about forty six percent and their net income or their free cash flow it stays right around the same so they they may be doing some acquisitions buying up little little things I would I probably want to look where their free cash flow is going next we want to take a look at their price to book value their p/e ratio over the let's say five years change it back to a numerical again JP Morgan or uh their price the book value stays a little over one let's see here for the last for the most part they trade around say I would say this is maybe one point five right here this this bar right here so they're at one point five nine so they trade a little bit below the bar so I would say 14 13 and is whether normally am and you can see January 2017 they've had a steady increase they're up from where they had been in the past their price to book value right now is let's see I don't know where the average point would be maybe 11

25 I would set a rudder on the average so I would say that currently their price to book value or a price price to earnings is a bit high and forward price earnings let's go ahead and knock it down to one year and make sure I'm looking at PE and PE so there Ford P is the orange and expected to go up whereas that would mean that their price in comparison to their earnings their earnings may be coming down which would cause their PE ratio to increase in comparison to their price so that is JP Morgan next we have Microsoft yet take a look at the price in yield and that's five-year that's correct and looking at that information so Microsoft took off this stock has been continuing to take off there was a time back in 2016 I purchased the stock I believe back in August timeframe or July timeframe when I saw that the yield was a exceeding the current price for the year so I dove into the stock and it's been doing really well we can see for the five year it is on its way up so at this current time I would say it's a bit overpriced if you'd like you can probably average in here and there wait for dips taking a look at the revenue free cash flow and net income for the last five years taking a look at it percentage-wise this stock is up free cash flow thirty one point four three percent their revenue is up twenty point seven nine percent and their net income is down around three point zero one percent if we look at over ten years they're up free cash flow seventy five point two six fifty five point six four and their net income is up nineteen point nine three price the book value in p/e ratio go back to regular numbers here we can see here for Microsoft they're currently trading at around a twenty nine PE which is pretty high if you had bought the stock you know it looks like the average could be sitting right around fifteen so the stock as of 2000 end of 2015 the stock has jumped up quite a bit in their p/e ratio surprising comparison to their earnings whereas their their price the book value is currently sitting at seven point three back in 2016 they were right around a five so well not too bad there there Ford p/e ratios take a look in comparison to their current p/e so they're currently at 29 they're forged p/e is expected at 25 point two one so their price at comparison to their earnings expected to their earnings or their earnings are expected to increase their current price level which would drive the the the p/e ratio down so Microsoft great pick theorem IBM let's take a look at again for the five years so IBM's been down in the dumps this year I believe it's down around fifteen percent year-to-date and we could actually look that number up a little bit better here over at CNN market if we type in IBM and we look at your today okay there are only down seven point five seven percent so a little bit different than what I had said almost double so anyways you can see here that as far as their dividend goes for the last five years this is that one of the highest points it's been since back in 2016 looks like maybe January time frame it was up around this time right around this yield before and the price was down and maybe the 121-125 the area so this thought could be at a good opportunity to pie and we definitely need to you know you definitely need to do some more research what's going on with this company that's cause this company to kind of drop off by more than seven percent this year now taking a look at its revenue free cash flow and net income for the last five years take a look at it percentage-wise we can see that that their revenue is down 23% their free cash flow is down 25% and their net income is down 28% so looking at these numbers alone hold on okay so come back looking at these numbers alone I would definitely want to know what is going on with IBM that's driving that revenue their free cash flow and that income down so much over the last five years where we've been actually in a very nice you know growth period in United States what's been going on with their sales what kind of services are they doing products that there's released things that they're kind of done for their company to you know have driven them down this far in comparison to the last ones that we have covered so that's kind of an interesting thing to look at here that's probably why they are down more than seven percent this year you know I've continued to kind of fall down over the last couple of years now taking a look at their price to book value and their p/e ratio and taking it back to the number here we can see that the current price of the book is seven point two three which is actually Fred tech company they're probably better ones out there but you can see its price the big fire has came down hard in comparison to where it was back in 2015 this is actually one of the lowest points and say the last eight years almost you can see here let's go ahead and just hit the max and take a look at mine I won't work iBM has been around since what 1979 somewhere back there maybe before I let's see here so ok so their price to earnings ratio is currently sitting at twelve point eight three we can see here for the last ten years I would consider it maybe about average or below we can see that it did dip back in January 2016 right above the right below maybe the 90 so over the last five years has probably been something kind of going on with this company I would definitely want to investigate more into this company as to what they're really doing prior to invest and I would want to do second you know secondary third dive into getting to know what is going on with this company that has driven it down over the last couple years now their current p/e ratio is twelve point eight three their future p/e ratio that is expected to be about eleven point eleven or whoops eleven point thirteen which would mean that they're currently you know you know they're expecting to generate more earnings which would cause their p/e ratio to fall by a bit there so yeah definitely want to take a look at IBM that would be one I would definitely want to screen a lot deeper to see what is driving them down what do they have in the books I kind of bump them up you know that's something you want to do with all companies but definitely want to do a deep dive into that now Intel is the last one here taking a look at it over the last five years this one has been doing very nicely it looks like 2017 was a great year for Intel and Intel holders that's yield which would bounce you know average really be around maybe 30 it's currently sitting at a two point three three so this one is definitely over valued for its current sitting we can see that for the year 2017 it had been primarily undervalued for the year you would get yields of over three percent back around July August timeframe I saw this one as a good buying opportunity right around that time and I've continued to hold on to it and just terrible that hadn't put more into it so you know I'm considered adding Intel you know I want to add more equity into Intel it's just hard to add it unless there's these dips again that happened so I will probably be looking at a forty three forty two dollar entry point if I do anyway he's kind of going back to the video definitely a bit overpriced but if you're looking at it in the future perspective you know look at all these stocks for the future not where they're at do you think they will jump up in the future then it's definitely worth an investment at this point if you are just buying it to buy and hold for the short term then it may not be a good investment but if you're buying and hold for five ten fifteen thirty years then this company will you know the companies that you're looking to purchase though though more than likely as long as you do your research will be increasing over the long term now taking a look at their revenue free cash flow in that income for the last five years percentage-wise we can see that this company's free cash flow is up sixty seven point two wavers and their revenue is up sixteen point three nine percent in their net income is down six point two six percent so good stats overall and for the last ten years they're up revenue sixty-one percent free cash flow fifty four percent and net income fifty or forty seven percent price the book value is sitting at 304 so as the value investors you know value investors they're looking for value socks underneath three here so socks that would be a value buy it would be Intel JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs if you're looking at it as a value ambassador going back to Intel here and take a look at the price earnings ratio and for the year we'll see that their price earnings ratio is currently sitting at 1618 point one four so it's definitely being kind of creeping up over the last couple months since I ran October july/august area from then on it's been kind of creeping up it's forward p/e ratio is expected to be at a 14 point 19 so that's a pretty nice little leap there I don't know how it would look like yeah that's a terrible mess so those are the five stocks I am looking at for January 2018 and beyond these are all pertaining to blockchain and one way or another so look at how each of the stocks are getting involved in blockchain what are they beginning to use blockchain for all these companies we turn in and around such as IBM that have done they've had a rough year during 2017 blockchain itself is here to stay the technology it's kind of the you know the way of the future and the way I see it so I don't know if it'll affect these companies you know their revenue their net income and such but maybe some of them can take advantage of some of the technology and you know as a banking unifies the financial institution ripple itself looks like a great cryptocurrency especially dealing in the financial sector so that is it for this video if you like my stock picks go ahead and like hit the like button below and let me know in the comments below if there is some other stock picks that you guys are looking at and pertaining to blockchain technology what are you watching for January and Beyond if you have any questions about anything that was covered today go ahead and let me know in the comments below I want to thank everyone for watching up into this point if you did like the video again hit the like button below please remember to subscribe for future financial videos and again thank you for tuning in and I will see you next time have a great day bye bye

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