Step-by-step Trading Cryptocurrency di Binance

Yes, hello everyone Greetings from us, the team at Zenith Autotrading

This is our first video that we made for friends who already know, minimal hearing cryptocurrency trading Or also friends who have have trading experience or beginners in the world of trading Or who already invest maybe not trading but save bitcoin, but maybe so far it's still limited purchase it at platform trading from Indonesia the most famous is Indodax, or what used to be his name is bitcoincoid

But friends maybe never tried exchange binance If it's been a long time in the crypto world, must have known Binance Binance is an exchange number 1 in the world in the size of trading volume the biggest This is screen trading in Binance and of course our advantages trading or buy digital assets or cryptocurrency at Binance is because of the choice of existing assets, which are traded in Binance it's far more than in Indodax So if it is now possible at Indodax around 30 or until 40 cryptocurrency traded

While in Binance more than 100, maybe even 200 The base currency other than BTC, there is also an ETH Ethereum, there is a coin binance and there is USD So the choice is far more So if for example later friends see there is a coin interesting and good prospects while we want to buy no available or not available in Indodax, then the choice is to Binance And binance is relative registration or opening of an account is easy

Well, we will return to which was, For investment or for buying and selling at Binance means account at Binance And when we enter or the initial capital we enter from Rupiah, means us too must have an account at Indodax I will explain this in outline step-by-step So, in Indodax, after you have an account we deposit Rupiah on the step we will deposit Rupiah Later, after deposit entered we have IDR balance (Rupiah) we will buy cryptocurrency in Indodax and there is also in Binance The goal is, we want transfer or we will withdraw crypto in order to enter the account we at Binance

What is Crypto? What we will make transportation equipment from Indodax to Binance? Of course we will choose the fee shipping costs the lowest And that is Stellar Or XLM So, after you deposit Rupiah, we will buy Stellar or XLM, we buy the pair or the currency pair is XLM / IDR We buy XLM uses Rupiah

Then we will be able to XLM So we have a balance Stellar in Indodax We will do the Withdraw step, withdraw XLM to our account which exists in Binance So the third step, we withdraw the XLM Later in Binance, XLM we will sell so we can BTC so because why? The coins we will buy the partner is a lot with BTC After we sell we get BTC balance at Binance, then we are buy coins or tokens for example you want buy Zilica or Ontology, or AION

We can buy it with BTC After we buy, using the BTC, we mean we already have assets the coin or token that we want is in Binance Until the 5th step this means our goal is to have assets digital asset or cryptocurrency what we want already achieved, already in our account at Binance Next, for example after we wait, after us buy, we expect prices to rise After going up, we will resell

Steps start at number 6 and so on until number 10, this is a step if we want attract profits The price has gone up, the token or coin has gone up, and we will sell, we will withdraw, we will take or enjoy the benefits The steps mean, you sell the coin or token means we get the base currency is BTC (Bitcoin) Then for us to finally get Rupiah, means we have to enter Indodax again Because withdrawn Rupiah from Indodax

That means now we will use the same transport from Binance to Indodax with XLM, because XLM pull fee is very small, almost 0 We buy XLM at Binance, after that we get the XLM balance, we withdraw goodness from that before, we withdraw to Indodax Then we get the balance at Indodax Then we sell the XLM we can balance in Rupiah Then we pull to the bank our account, BCA or whatever from Indodax to our savings

So if for example you are trading for example medium term, say a month or 2 months, You enter for example 50 million, then after arriving here, this token desired tokens or coins until step 5, then you keep at Binance Then after the price goes up, for example, up 20%, we will sell past the path here, withdraw XLM to Indodax, then sell the XLM, drag it to your bank account So for example here it is 50 million, then buy a coin here, detained up to 20% profit meaning 50 million means the end result 60 million, you profit 10 million rupiah More or less flow step-by-step for crypto investment at Binance we buy coins or tokens or digital assets at Binance, then and we sell it again more or less like that Now I will show step-by-step, starting from the first step, we deposit Rupiah into account at Indodax

I will show you directly This is the Indodax dashboard the first time you log in Then we can choose, click Asset Balance Then Depo or Withdraw in IDR section This is the screen deposit or withdraw Rupiah

To deposit Rupiah, there are instructions that if bank transfers must be from the account in the name recorded on the Indodax account when you first open So if your name is for example Royke Komala, then on bank account that will be used for transfers must be from Royke Komala Then we have to click Then there are steps, we just follow, for example you want to deposit say 4 million then the source of the funds for example, we choose a BCA bank How to transfer it if for BCA, if we choose BCA ATM, then later will transfer to Virtual Account Maybank, where real-time nature

So if you are really want fast deposit entry, then choose BCA ATM If you choose KlikBCA or BCA Mobile, that's the transfer LLG, and it will run every hour It can last for an hour, but usually about 10-20 minutes have also entered But if you want really real-time, when you transfer directly in, choose BCA ATM Then don't forget to enter the original account number, We continue

This transfers online to a virtual account We choose this Don't choose this one because later it's more troublesome Because we have to buy Indodax vouchers in several exchangers We just choose this one

Then there will be instructions like this We are asked to transfer, actually not only from BCA ATM, from any ATM who can send to other bank networks we can choose Bank code, 016 The bank is Maybank Then this number is definitely unique for each Indodax account

So for example if I, this number This is automatic, even though it is said here in 1-3 hours will be added, but I have already very often for deposits usually will enter automatically automatic The second next step is we buy XLM or Stellar in Indodax We consider this the deposit that was 4 million rupiah was entered Then to buy, we mean to the marketplace

Then we look for Stellar or XLM We click here Then we see, here there is a box for we input buy order where we can buy directly This is similar stock trades, so you can buy at market price If we want to buy, of course we are matching with other traders who want to sell

This is a selling market, this means listing from people who want to sell their XLM While the one here is the buying market, this is a listing of people who want to buy XLM at the desired price Note that the market is selling definitely the price higher than the buying market This is a selling market, starting from the lowest price above, then down higher While the market buys, the above means the highest price

Lower down For example, you want to buy Stellar, and directly the order is executed, happen immediately purchase, means it must be minimal the price is at the top selling market price So if you click, pay close attention then the price here goes straight out here If I continue, there will be confirmation we will buy at this price And XLM that will be obtained for example I want to buy a total 100% of the total Rupiah, means 4 million rupiah buying this XLM price, will get approximately XLM this way

Note that here is a description if you buy at a price immediately want to be, buy at market price, then you will be charged 0,3% So it's 03% of the total rupiah will be deducted first, for a fee in Indodax But, for example You don't want at this price, but at a lower price, at a lower price that means less than 3085, for example at 3060, then Your order is not executed immediately The order will be listed here

Now, I will show how we are listed Not immediately executed, but we will be in the buying market The easiest way is this, just clicked here, if you want to sell faster, then raised, for example 3055 That means we want to buy at a price that is better than other people who want to buy I continue this

Look, this is 4 million at 3055 If I continue, finished, meaning buy order what I have will be installed Pay attention So it's 4 million, at the price of 3055 and this is my order being pending

So it's pending in terms the date Until someone wants to sell, and matching or take the price of 3055 We will wait later after this executed, hopefully executed Good, the third step after we bought XLM, we will withdraw XLM from Indodax to Binance So we will do this third step

We see, I just input Buy order at 3055 and this has been executed It has been executed meaning at a price of 3055 1 XLM, and purchase 4 million rupiah, we get 130932 so many XLM This value we will withdraw So I copy

How to withdraw we are from Asset Balance, then we search XLM We click We will send it out or withdraw Stellar Lumen XLM number I copied it earlier This is what I said earlier, withdrawal fees for XLM it is very small

0000002 XLM, maybe around less than 1 rupiah Almost nothing Whereas if for other coins, for example BTC, or Ethereum, the fee is large

It's huge if it's worth tens of thousands up to one hundred thousand So it is not profitable if we send it or withdraw We will send to the address Stellar Lumen from our account at Binance Account at its Binance we must know This is my account at Binance

We will see, Funds, then we deposit We type XLM I understand, continue deposit Note that for XLM delivery not only the address, but there is a note So both of us have to move

This is the address of Stelar Lumens, and there is a note or the memo I will copy this address Then we paste it here Then for the memo We copy the memo

We paste it here Then for security Indodax will ask PIN for our account at Indodax Google Authentication PIN Enter the value Then there will be a notification The Indodax system sends confirmation email to email address, we must click the link in the email

Open the email This is confirmation of Stelar Lumens withdrawal We check again, this is the address Then memo, 7752 behind it Memo 7752 Okay, we click

Withdrawal requests will be processed in the next few minutes, usually around 5 minutes has arrived at the Binance account So here later there will be a history Also from our registered email in Binance, there will usually be notifications deposit has been received Fine, the fourth step now we go on, that is in Binance, after withdrawing from Indodax to Binance successfully, then we will see XLM number entered in the Withdraw History section There were 1309 XLMs

Then, we will do sell order XLM to get BTC (Bitcoin) This means that now we will to exchange then we search the pair is XLM / BTC We click This is the screen XLM trading We see, we will sell for example XLM

This is the XLM number which was, in my Binance account, 1309 XLM We will sell it all I click 100% then this is shown for price XLM / BTC 3208 Satoshi the smallest unit of Bitcoin 8,3208 With this price, number 1309, then we will execute In fact if I'm at Binance, taker and maker, buy in the market price or in the form, same feenya

I tend to run in market order, so that you can get it right away I give an example, for example market order, we don't choose a limit, but click the market We choose 100%, the price will take the market price, so the best market price when we execute I will do this Then there is a notification

Sell ​​market orders created If we look now in order history, XLM / BTC sold at the price of 3203 Satoshi, and we get 004BTC Next step five after that we sold BTC we will buy the coins we want use the BTC balance we have In this case, earlier from the 0

04 BTC balance, I will buy 25% for Zilica coins So we see now this from screen trading exchange We search, crypto Zilica, the code is ZIL Click This is Zilica

Now, to buy, I just buy market conditions, this is recovering, so I hope this rises in the coming days We will buy in the market, at market prices, from a number of BTC in my balance, I will buy 25% If you buy 25%, with BTC prices more or less 0003 dollars, or 522 satoshi, we will get as much 2008 ZIL I will input

Existing, market buy order created That means if we look at order history, this already exists ZIL purchase as many as 2008 Fine, fifth step buy coins or tokens on the Binance exchange I showed you For the next step, step 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, that is, starting from selling coins or tokens at Binance, until later transferred back to Indodax, and proceed with withdrawal to the bank account, I'll show you in the next video So for this occasion, I think its enough

So as not to miss the next videos, for you crypto fans, both new and active trading or investing in crypto, don't forget to subscribe Our channel, Zenith Autotrade And also visit our website, at zenithautotradecom If you have questions or suggestions for us, please leave a comment below Thank you, greetings crypto!


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