what is going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video team we've got another killer video for you guys I'm super excited so much information is out and that you guys voted for iOS token we had the pool right here in the Facebook group link down below if you guys want to join but you we had a poll which all when you guys wanted me to meet to review on Sunday and you guys voted for iOS token so that's the one we're gonna be looking at later today guys also we're going to be picking the winner of the giveaway from this last week this video takes part of the giveaway for next week though so if you guys want to enter a chance to win the giveaway make sure you guys are subscribed make sure the rules are all gonna be down below make sure you guys leave a comment with your Bitcoin wallet address and saying something related to the video and number three if you have an Instagram go follow my Instagram right over here at Patrick Orsino 11 so go follow that if you guys have not an enter chance to win the giveaway and also stay tuned to the end to see if you guys want this giveaway let's jump right into this guy's without further ado I don't want to talk too much I hear that sometimes my intros are way too long but the first news article we have is that the us

cloud act passes giving government's easier access to private data stored by US tech companies so this was actually put in with um here so on Andreas Antonopoulos he is big oops he is big in the cryptocurrency space he tweeted out the cloud Act passed it destroys privacy globally so it had to be snuck into the 13 trillion dollar omnibus without debate so they'd this way they managed to get it through without Congress I believe having to vote for it which is something that they you actually saw right here so this this guy this Senator Rand Paul he also wanted Congress to reject it but Congress wasn't going to be voting on it because they passed it through the 13 trillion dollar omnibus so there was no debate basically what they're saying then is when privacy is criminalized only criminals have privacy we got sold out again why keep doing that so another good reason again um just another example of where cryptocurrency and you know blockchain and Bitcoin and all that stuff plays a very important role is to keep you safe and to keep your things private and not having you know it's sold out to anyone basically all these companies are now being told that foreign governments could actually get personal data from us from the people in the US through these companies and obviously Microsoft posted a letter supporting the bill talking about how it creates a modern legal framework but a lot of people are very unhappy with this simply because I mean obviously the tech companies like this you know benefit to them I guess but a lot of people are unhappy because it destroys their privacy which is something that blockchain and cryptocurrency is trying to fix and that is why it's having such a big movement especially at this time like this is the right time I think for these things to come out this is where people are starting to notice and people are starting to pay attention to the whole you know my data is not safe right now people don't like that and this is why we're seeing you know adoption more and more adoption of cryptocurrency and I think it's going to continue in the coming years also so that this bank is sent on there they're going to launch an international payment app with ripple this spring if no one beats us to it so they actually talked about this in the company's 2017 earnings presentation it's going to be open in Spain Brazil UK and Poland at first at least it's gonna be in q1 2018 fully trend the full transparency on fees and they're basically going to be using right here so the banking group are the great partnering with ripple to release international money transfer app using ripples blockchain X Current and a ripple net platforms that was reported on the 24th today it is the 25th so this was yesterday another great sign of adoption now obviously you can like or dislike ripple this is technically just another partnership that ripple has nothing is in effect quite yet they said they're going to be launching it it has not launched it has not been used yet but apparently the bank and ripple have actually been in the bank has been invested in ripple in yes they invested in 2015 and 2016 they have had test runs of in 2016 to figure out so this has been going on for a while now and now they're officially planning on launching this in q1 of 2018 now again this is another great sign for adoption however when we look at the ripple price we don't actually see anything change at least we go to the you know ripples at 63 cents sixty-four cents basically it's down 22 8% its marked caps 25 billion dollars but it hasn't had any change and this we've started seeing this a lot when partnerships with ripple you know nothing actually changes and I personally think it's because we don't see anything we are just hearing about a ton a ton of partnerships you guys know ripples partners would like I believe in total it's over 60 banks that is huge that is huge but until they actually you know until things are actually working and people are seeing things improve I think it's gonna be hard for ripple to grow just because they have so many partnerships now a new partnership isn't you know news to anyone unlike with another come same thing happened with tron char gets partnerships all the time but the price does not move um just because of that obviously it moves due to other factors but not because of the actual you know just the partnership so that's something we haven't seen the ripple price move but another partnership hopefully we start seeing this stuff in action now that's what I'm most excited about it's the action part hopefully we start seeing that and hopefully it pays off well for the bank for a first cent in there now let's look at the overall cryptocurrency market cap right real quick just before we jump into the iOS token 329 a billion dollars Bitcoin dominance at 44% it's a little bit lower Bitcoin dominance this week though everything doing very very well we see icon and 102 percent we see tron at 86% we see this one again we talked about the other day I don't know what it is 114 percent and then if we scroll a little bit further down we see storm at 217 percent obviously it's down 13 percent in the week because having this type of a run-up it's due for a correction and most crypto currencies in the last 24 hours are down now when we look at the end of the film we look at a technical analysis we're gonna see that this isn't actually a big deal I'm gonna show you guys why but now it's going to iOS token right what is iOS token here's their website it's secure scalable blockchain that actually works it actually works all right so that's great they actually had a private sale only so only like big event it was a private sale there they did not end up having a public sale which you know I'm so that's maybe why you have not heard about it or you didn't hear about the ICO or anything like that you might be wondering and this is why now the good thing about this now I was doing research prior to this so I didn't have to make this video too long I could just give you guys information the technology is really cool and they work on a proof of believability instead of a proof of work or a proof of stake now proof of believability is basically proof of stake plus a few extra features which you know are very nice they created their own thing so technology very very cool now another Pro I saw of iOS is that investors love it you guys can tell by the fact that the you know they didn't even hold a public sale because they probably managed to raise so much from the private sale so investors are there and a lot of people are backing it now if you look at the team the team again are some it's there's some very very very good and big players in the cryptocurrency spent a lot of people with a lot of experience their team is definitely I would consider them a pretty all-star team they're very very good and advisers as well if vise advisers as well they have you know just a ton of good advise you guys can go and checked out their LinkedIn if you guys want to but I was very impressed by the ones I was looking at and seeing where they came from and seeing what they've actually you know worked wins which areas they've worked with a lot of people who have already participated in a lot of other and no advising jobs a lot of people who've participated other tokens a lot of people who are been in the industry for some time now investors and partners they also have some huge investors and partners Sequoia for example very big one this right here the blockchain one also very very big and they're listed on many many exchanges now this all seems pretty good if I were to name a negative of iOS token would be that everything they're doing is going to be launched a little bit further in the future than a lot of other people have done so they don't have necessarily any huge innovation a lot of the coins in the top you know 50 crypto currencies are doing a lot of the same thing they're trying to challenge they're trying to you know challenge a lot of the same things they're trying to be the best at the same things but that you know cause a lot of competition in that space and the problem I have is that a lot of the stuff you take a look at their roadmap a lot of the things are going to be released like 2019 yeah mainly 2019 and that's something I talk about a lot when I talk about isoceles as well is that you can't I don't I don't fully back in IC o—- when I see that their vision is only gonna start taking place in 2020 because that's way too far down the line I think there's so much innovation going on right now that if you wait till 2020 you're not gonna necessarily be able to compete cuz then everyone's gonna be so much further ahead of you already so that's one of the biggest cons I see with iOS token but let's take it just take a look at the price the quick charts they are at a relatively low point you know they had a huge pump up here and again it corrected ups at the similar time I think or the market no I was actually after the market was the market was already in a downtrend when this happened but anyways they it went up again like everything it had a pump and then they had a correction back down now everything is at the lower levels this is one of the lowest points I see possible on the chart I don't think we're gonna see it go much lower you can see actually that we started having a swing movement we're starting a little it looks like it helped at least this token is looking to make some moves so again I think this is a pretty solid coins of 35% in the day it is pretty solid it's a 236 bill a million dollar market cap so again I like the technology behind it I like I think there's an actual problem and they're trying to solve it my issues with it would be the competition are the competition is very very high and you know their roadmap leaves a lot of things to happen in the future which you know you can't guarantee that other companies aren't going to be so much further ahead of you that kind of makes sense hopefully that makes sense but yeah guys that was my review of iOS token next Sunday we're gonna be reviewing another ICO another cryptocurrency that you guys vote on taking a look at the technical analysis though just before we end the video things again I don't think things are looking bad we're still trading you know under this resistance and above this support which we drew trading comfortably over here again waiting to make a move a lot of people predicting Bitcoin will go back to I saw predictions about Bitcoin at 4,000 I personally don't think we're seeing Bitcoin at 4,000 this like any time I don't think that's going to happen I think some big big big things would have to go wrong for a Bitcoin to be down at 4000 now the 6,000 level 6500 resistance level is definitely possible if it breaks down below this below this support we could definitely see it drop down to its next support line that's definitely something that's possible however looking forward I think we're gonna start seeing more and more money come into cryptocurrency and the dates I'm looking at mainly which I'm gonna talk about this hopefully at tomorrow's video I'll talk about more in depth but when I think the market is going to recover and just looking at some basic dates I'm looking at tax return days so when people have more money to put into cryptocurrency I think that's gonna be a very very big player and something that we've seen happen before as well as some big events and which are gonna lead to big partnerships and big investments for some cryptocurrencies to make some major gains so again I'm gonna be talking about that in tomorrow's video I did see someone in the Facebook group posted about this that's why I'm gonna be covering it and giving them a shout-out in tomorrow's video if you're watching this you probably know who you are you've got shout out playing time to the channel already for posting some great content on the Facebook group but guys I'm not like it things are still moving pretty sideways obviously this Candles what we're doing today it's important to see where it ends up you know it could come back down to touch the support line right here that could be where we end the day to which case yeah we had a little bit of a pull down which is pro we're probably gonna bounce up from tomorrow otherwise we could also end in the green today still plenty of time end in the green come back up to this level right here where we are where we have been holding for the last you know five six days roughly a week and then continue seeing where the market goes from there but again this is not the time to panic not the time to panic this is time to secure some positions in your favorite all coins because moving forward in the next couple of months I think a lot of people are going to be regretting not buying into cryptocurrency and I'm going to be getting tons of messages saying I regret not buying into and I don't want regrets guys regret suck but anyways I I picked this video so Tron vs

Facebook is the video I'm gonna pick the giveaway winner from everything's already loaded here so let's just get this really quick let's see who the winner is winner Andreas mmm I messed that up ready on Trish de la Rosa is the winner of the giveaway I have a position on that coin I personally will continue to buy on the dips I believe in the future of Cardona stay strong and Hahnel that's right stay strong and harder on dress now I leave on just 24 hours to claim the giveaway if he does not then wanna be picking a winner from this video so make sure you guys have commented and have you know you guys left a thumbs up you guys subscribed you guys left a comment on this video so I appreciate you so much guys I appreciate all the support you guys have been giving the channel thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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