Pillar Project helps consumers protect their personal data in a blockchain wallet

Can you give me some examples of the kinds of products and services that you might be engaging with at the next stage? I think the the biggest one right now is we have a sister company called 2030, who has are actually going through their own ICO and this is important because they will actually act as Pillar's first kind of customer or or service provider So pillar is a nonprofit organization and part of the the challenge is actually getting these services interested and and teaching them about how this will work and everything

So 2030 will actually act as an incubator They'll fund various ideas other development projects and whatnot to launch on top of the pillar platform And these could include everything from as I mentioned before an ICO marketplace which is actually already slated So we will actually be offering one of the first security-based marketplaces for both ICO purchasing and then trading amongst a white list of accredited or sophisticated investors who have been KYC'd etc on the platform Beyond that it's up to your imagination really

Like I said I think medical will be a big piece of this I expect car house management all those types of things you expect all the way down to I'm looking for a vacuum I want to pay $100 I'd like it in two days You set your criteria and the offers come to you That's the other difference The push versus the poll Our primary founder David Siegel he wrote a book called pull and it's all about kind of the Semantic Web and this evolution that I think we're about to witness with blockchain technology that was really designed for the internet, but we never kind of saw it to fruition

And instead of just building a bunch of digital stores because all we've really done is take the offline world in my opinion the offline world the retail brick-and-mortar world and we've created digital stores The convenient part is we've brought them right up to the the user, but it's the same thing I still go into that store, you know, I work within their playground We're actually gonna again flip the model such that we put out what we're looking for and the offers come to us So instead of having to go out and search and grab what I'm looking for, and again it could be product, it could be service, it would be the opposite

I need a dentist for my dog He's cracked a tooth, it's an emergency, and within five miles of my zip code etc etc etc The hope would be he would be getting offers back almost immediately, you'd be able to select a doctor be able to interface chat with that doctor, ask them any questions you may have, book the appointment all basically through our platform So what we were saying about this being appealing to the common man, the non-crypto man or women that must be very appealing to investors this potential ability to access an entire new market Have you engaged people to talk about that? Is that a selling point for you? For us, based off the success of our ICO —- we've already had, investment into Pillar is really not needed at this point we're well funded on that side of things Again, 2030, our sister company, they've completed their cash raise they're going through their own ICO So there will be kind of peripheral, I expect, business around kind of our ecosystem that may need to attract additional funding but for the most part I think our interest in attracting new investors into the project? Not so much

What we're interested in doing is creating again the best wallet and a great user experience for our users such that they see us as the only wallet they need Especially in a mobile on-the-go sense They may have a storage wallet but this is this is meant for day-to-day interaction, day to day needs and whatnot


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