Peercoin v0.4.0 Update – 02 Performing Blockchain Redownload

In the previous video, I uninstalled the version 03 client and installed the latest version

So I'm just going to open that up again and show you the problem that you might well face when you open it up And when it opens up, as you can see once it connects to the network you'll have this warning here WARNING Blockchain redownload required approaching or past v04 That's because the upgrade deadline was on 4th May 2014 and so if you've updated your client since then, then the blockchain redownload will be necessary So I'll go through how you do that So, first thing is to come out of your wallet and then on the forum the link that I showed in the previous video there's a section called Blockchain redownload involves

Backup the wallet well we've already backed up the wallet Note down balance / stake amount

And I've shutdown the client And now it says to remove all files / subdirectories in the wallet directory except for walletdat and ppcoin

conf So the folder this is relating to is your AppData Peercoin folder So I'll open that up and show you where it is On my system it's under C, Users, the name of the user, which in my case is actually 'User', but you'll have a different name there, and then it's in AppData, Roaming, PPCoin So if I You should have something like this The blockchain are these files here And it says to leave inside there your walletdat and ppcoinconf So let's go back here

So we want to keep that and we want to keep that Everything else can go Now, you might not have a ppcoinconf depending on whether you've actually set one up which you might well have had to do for the minting which I go through in a previous video and I had to set up a ppcoin

conf for that So I've got that but you might not have that But basically, everything else you can delete So I'm going to delete all this database All this stuff here

And delete it Yes So now all I've got is ppcoinconf and walletdat And then it says to start up the client So I can go back here and start up the client And this time once it's open it's going to say WARNING Checkpoint is too old

Wait for blockchain to download or notify developers of the issue So basically now it's just going to take a really long time to be able to redownload the blockchain and so for now I'm just going to pause the video and come back when that's done OK, just a quick update I'm still downloading the blockchain and if I scroll over, on the client over here we can see that it's downloaded 107,634 of 112,000 it's 95

33% done And so it's just catching up with the last 30 days And there we go, the blockchain has all been downloaded and it says Minting suspended due to locked wallet And if we go to the AppData folder in Users and then the name of your username, AppData, Roaming, PPcoin you can see that all the files that we've deleted, they've now been redownloaded The latest blockchain has been redownloaded

And I guess that's one of the good things about Peercoin is that, that took around 1 hour in total to download the blockchain whilst other digital coins take a lot longer because their blockchain is so big The Peercoin blockchain is actually fairly small


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