Our BlockChain Platform Introduction

Hi my name is Iona, in this video guide I will introduce the walletservices platform We've created a QuickStart template that provides the quickest way to create a fully functional blockchain app The three simple steps for getting started with this app are explained in our QuickStart tutorial video Now let's have a look at the functionality of the QuickStart app To explain the app we are going to use a simple scenario where two users Alison and Will want to record their agreement on a set of contract terms The steps in this process will be that Alison creates a new secure flow giving it a title Alison then sends the proposed terms to Will, and then Will responds recording his agreement Before we can start the secure flow Alison and Will both need to sign up to use the app by clicking the register button We will now go ahead and login as Alison When Alison logs in she has four menu options which correspond to all the actions she needs to start the secure flow the address menu where she can create an address to what she can receive a secure flow the create menu where she can start a new secure flow the view menu, where she can view all the secure full steps she has sent or received and the continue menu where she can continue a secure flow First Alison is going to create a new secure flow with the title contract with Will The app will create a new secure flow step and send it Alison Alison can then view this step Next Alison is going to send the secure flow to Will by referencing the initial step entering Will's address, and entering the contract to what she Will's agreement When Alison clicks the button the app will create a new secure flow step countersign it and send it to Will Notice that as soon as Alison creates the transaction the data that she has sent to Will has been encrypted and only he can view it Now if we log in as Will we can view the secure flow step which Alison has sent him Will can now confirm his agreement by sending the secure flow step back to Alison with confirmation of his consent Lastly we can log back in as Alison and view this secure flow step she has received from Will Now Alison has a tamper proof record of Will's agreement which she requires to move on to the next stage And that's it, this is just a simple use case but it demonstrates how easy wallet

services makes it to get started with blockchain Bear in mind that this QuickStart app is merely a starting point for developers And that the next great blockchain application has yet to be discovered on the walletservices platform For more information visit walletservices, or get in touch via email


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