New Zcash Miner Launches By Bitmain Which Allegedly Boasts 3 Times More ZEC Hashing Power – Bitcoin Exchange Guide


Bitmain, the biggest crypto mining hardware equipment provider in the world has launched its most recent product, the Antminer Z11.

The Antminer Z11 is designed to mine cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, which are based on the Equihash algorithm. It offers a hashing power of 135 KSol/s, which is three times more powerful than that of the Antminer Z9, Bitmain’s previous Equihash miner. This new product will have a power-efficiency of 10.50 J/KSol, saving 60% of electricity cost compared to the Z9, thanks to its newly designed internal circuit.

The blog post announcing the news says:

“The Antminer Z11 uses Bitmain’s latest proprietary 12nm chip, which is made using advanced Bare Die molding technology for better heat dissipation. Even though the Antminer Z11 packs in three times more hashing power than the Antminer Z9, at 5.4 kg, it weighs slightly less than the Z9.”

ASIC miners, while extremely powerful and low on power consumption, have caused quite a few debates related to the damage they can do to crypto communities. Industry professionals think that these powerful miners will lead to centralization of the mining power. A factor in this centralization will be the price of these mining units. Larger entities like mining pools can easily afford to buy them, while individuals outside of said pools will struggle with paying the price of the hardware.

Earlier when Z9was launched, equihash based coins were not too happy with the news. cash creators presume that Bitmain is already using their new miners to mine Equihash coins, meaning that they are trying to grab as much hashing power as possible for themselves. Monero and Bytom (mined with the Antminer B3) recently made similar accusations against Bitmain.

The new Antminer is now pre-selling on Bitmain’s official website and will start shipping shortly.

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