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We are very excited to know more about social commerce tell us how it works on iLINK platform Sure, iLINK’s social commerce platform is a B2C marketplace that helps regional and global retailers to reach out to local users There are 2 components in the iLINK, one is Global E-mall and the other is Community Curator List Global E-mall is a global e-commerce marketplace with integrated payment services Community Curator List, are selection of the best E-mall products relevant to each community crowdsourced from recommendations from the community members themselves Wow, that’s cool! It’s that difficult for shopping  How can I buy from ILINK I would say iLINK’s shopping process is super easy and simple because iLINK’s social commerce environment is built on seamless shopping experience you can easily discover, shop, and share without ever having to leave the platform So only three steps can complete an order Step one, you can easily reach your ideal store from both Global E-mall and Community Curator List, choose your preferred store from the listing Step two, search your product by category or simply key in your key words in the search bar for example lipstick, browse the product page you can also get some ideas from the reviews/comments generated by other previous buyers Step three, quick payment by using either your fiat, credi t card or the iLINK Token Wallet Select your preferred logistic company and complete the order Then all you need to do is waiting for the parcel sending to your doorstep Wow, it’s super easy! What’s the strengths of buying from iLINK what makes it stand out To answer this question, I will summarize into 5 points Number one, one click purchases and in-app quick payment (function) making a seamless shopping experience Number two, rate & review from previous buyers can give you a guide Number three, customer service contact, you can create live one-on-one chat with the store manager anytime/anywhere as long as you have any questions with your order Number four, logistic monitoring The last one, which is the most important it’s now open to the whole world Wow, that’s excellent! Just grab it in your hand, download and try now


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