How to send ERC20 tokens to your Trezor hardware wallet

what's going on guys welcome back so let me guess you just purchased one of your first ERC20 tokens and because you're a safety conscious cryptocurrency holder you want to know how to move it from your exchange to your Trezor hardware wallet so first of all I'm glad you're thinking about your cryptocurrency security so we're gonna do it real quick going takes a couple steps and you're gonna be amazed at how easy it is so the first thing we need to do is plug in our device once we plug in our device it boots up at this point we need to open up our browser to myetherwalletcom click on view wallet info click Trezor and connect the Trezor it asks you to export your public key you want to go ahead and do that and then you enter in your PIN and as you guys already know it mixes up the numbers on your device and then once you've entered your PIN it asks you for your passphrase so if you haven't added the passphrase on to your treasure it's gonna skip this part and go straight to your wallet but if you're interested in adding an extra layer of security it's really easy to do and we actually created a video on it I'll link to it right up here but if you did at a passphrase and go ahead and enter it now at this point and asks you to select the address you want to use we're gonna go ahead and use the first one and unlock the wallet my ether wallets unlocked and we just need to copy our address which we're gonna use in our exchange to be able to send our ERC20 token down to our device at this point we need to login to our exchange to be able to send the funds and so this example I'm going to use Binance and we have a little bit of Basic Attention Token that I want to be able to send to my Trezor so basically I click withdrawal and then ask for that withdrawal address that I need to send to so I go back to my my ether wallet I copy my address and then I paste it into the BAT withdrawal address at this point I want to send all of it to my device I click on the amount to send all of it it tells me what the transaction fees gonna be and how much ultimately I'll get and then I hit submit I have two factor authentication set up on my account I suggest you do that anywhere that you can it's just good security practice so once I know my two-factor code it sends me in confirmation email has another security measure and then I had confirmed withdrawal to be able to initialize the transaction so now if I go back to my transaction history and I go to withdrawal I have my transaction right there and it shows that it's still processing so depending on the speed of the network in the exchange it may take a few minutes for your transaction to complete processing but you should seen your withdrawal history it'll be in a completed status with a transaction ID at that point you can go back to your monitor wallet and if you scroll down to your token you should see the amount transferred so now I have 140 BAT if it's the first time that you're loading that token onto your wallet and it has the click to load next to it just go ahead and click that and it should show your balance assuming that the transaction is done processing as you can see it's extremely easy to move the ERC20 token to your Trezor wallet if you want to know more about how to use your Trezor we have a bunch of videos on this playlist up here so if you like this video tap that like button down below if you haven't had a chance yet join the family by hitting that subscribe button cuz these are matters of life and tech and I'll see y'all next time peace


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