Daily Crypto VIdeo Overview 03-26-2018 – Best Cryptocurrency News

hey what's going on everybody this is B Wells and this is the daily crypto overview for March the 26th 2018 today is another down day for the market ninety six out of the top 100 coins are down today including the entire top 20 and Bitcoin aetherium both losing pretty heavily today aetherium is down to four hundred and sixty seven dollars which is unheard of for this coin for the last few months so it's definitely starting to pull back some I think we're gonna start seeing some support again pretty soon just like we did last time we got around this mark but there was a lot of technical analysis from people saying that Bitcoin was gonna hit six thousand dollars or possibly even lower I don't necessarily believe in TA as with cryptocurrency anyway so I think it works better with the stock market and stuff but crypto is becoming a little bit more predictable now that the futures market is open and stuff as well and the stock exchange so we'll see how that plays out let's go ahead and look at the top five and gain or gains today really there's only four converge ontology zero X and GX chain top five losses storm after that big pump a few days ago yeah Ikon ethos gas and cute them so we got a bunch of coins that are down though whenever you look at the top top five or top four that are up on the day that's literally out of the entire top 100 so let's hope we can bounce back that's all we have for today but we'll be bringing you some more in terms of the 100 Kryptos in 100 days we're gonna be covering engine coin later on tonight and then also gonna cover the number one blockchain and all crypto and I'll give you guys a hand it's not Bitcoin so thanks so much for tuning in make sure you subscribe giveaways are starting every weekend as soon as we hit a thousand subs and other than that I'll see you guys on the moon thank you


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