Daily Crypto Overview 3-22-2018 Best Cryptocurrency Channel News

hey what's going on everybody it's be Wells and this is the daily crypto overview for March the 22nd 2018 everything seemed to give back today for the most part EEOC is barely up if you want to call it that but Bitcoin slid back under $9,000 luckily it's still at 87 change so it's not too far off the mark hopefully can get back on its bull run but basically the entire market burger is up a little bit by Nance coin I've heard actually up 17 and a half percent pretty good day for them but as you can see about 90% of the market was down today and nygma had up 83% gained up to a dollar 87 I tried investing them in this when it was 20 million dollars of of a market cap so it would have been 7 times less of a price but unfortunately didn't pull the trigger so I was telling my friend business partner we should have got into it we ended up not doing it but well we'll take a look at the top 5 games you got Virg vert coin veritasium block net and enigma and then top 5 losses GX chain Walton chain populist ethos request network that's gonna be it for the daily overview today just make sure that you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already done so because as soon as we hit a thousand we're gonna start doing giveaways alright guys I'll see you on the moon have a good one later


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