Crypto Trade Book Scam Warning! New Cryptocurrency Fraud Review (Exposed!)

hi guys FAYSAL here and if you have not yet subscribed to our channel, please do so and you will get our future updates in this way so today we are going to blacklist a trading software that's called CRYPTO TRADE BOOK

but first of all to be honest CRYPTO TRADE BOOK website looks very very legit to me but as usual we got some disturbing elements we need to discuss with you many of our readers and subscribers have emailed us that they invested in CRYPTO TRADE BOOK and they lost their entire investment within just 20 to 30 days CRYPTO TRADE BOOK is a crypto currency and binary options signal provider and it is basically an auto trader it claims that they have 85 percent winning rate and they provide a demo account and to be honest we have tested this demo account and we won every single trade placed on the demo account

so that made us suspicious about this software and I personally started digging a bit deeper and what I found was a bit shocking you know that it says that it uses some indicators like TREND INDICATOR, MACD, RSI, STOCK, CCI & WILLIAMS but you can use these indicators totally for free if you download METATRADER 4 or METATRADER 5 so we just don't need to join this program to use these indicators and honestly the broker they display over here we have never heard or opened any account with them and these names are new to me like ROITEKS, PRIME CFD, ASHFORD INVESTMENT and blah blah blah

so these are the new brokers I guess so I don't know if they are trustworthy or not CRYPTO TRADE BOOK is a very new software and it's not even a month old! here you can see that the cryptotradebooknet was registered on 25th January 2018 it's not even a month old but they claim they have winning rate up to 85% and they provide cryptocurrency and binary options signals

so these claims are absolutely misleading you see in the contact them section, they display that their company address located in Glendale New York USA but USA have strict rules and regulations for binary and crypto currencies and they have like a US Securities and Exchange Commission and CFTC both monitors the platform providers so there there is a few of their nominated platform is legal

and you if you are from USA, you cannot join any of the trading signal systems or any of the brokers and you know that all the brokers, ninety-nine percent or I would say 999% brokers don't allow traders from the USA because of the strict rules and regulations so how come they created a company which is located in New York USA I don't understand and the more funny part is I have showed you that their registration date right? and their registered data shows that their company location is PANAMA you can clearly see and PANAMA is another country Panama is far from the USA

so that is a total lie because you won't find any offices in New York of CRYPTO TRADE BOOK so yeah I am definitely definitely sure that this is a potential scam and I discourage you to join CRYPTO TRADE BOOK if you are looking for a legitimate software like BIT BUBBLE TECH then I put a link in the description below so you can analyze and if you find it suitable for you then you can join so until then take care


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