Crypto Mining Video Card Shopping! Find GPU’s you want in high-demand climates like this!

What's up everybody Thanks for joining to check out the second version of the crypto coin Why am I dressed so stupidly Because we got to be real sneaky about getting video cards now yep, I Got to put on a disguise so we can get the cards we want get out All right that was dumb so anyway though, yeah shopping for video cards Just kind of wanted to do a little Thing here on that and Talk about that some because video cards are hard to find I wanted to give you guys some tricks that I use To find video cards and shop for them so anyway even though bitcoins at 7,000 now Wow 119 p

m Central Standard Time here and just continues to go down Well, that's okay We knew that's we knew that was going to happen All right, so how do we still find video cards the chase way well? One thing I do is you Know I'll search for them on Amazon like everybody everybody does Alright everybody does this type in geforce 1050? What do we have here? We have oh? Yeah, GTX 1051 68? You know whenever they're I guess regular price, they're more like 129 or even 139 Last week or week week or two ago I could get one for like 114 Here's a GT 1030 499 these used to be like 70 something So one thing I found out in order to shop though for stuff like this to figure out if you're getting a good deal So I'll go to the product though, and I'll look at the honey app because you can get this app called honey, and uh Basically you can go look at the price action on an item And Basically the honey thing though is an extension you can add For your Chrome browser so just to let you know But if you look down here in the middle where it says price changes you can click on price changes and view the price history And then you can actually go look at the price history Wow Look at this from January 7th to February 4th

This is the price history on this card At one point it used to be 124 129 139 190 to look at this somebody's selling it for 229 Okay, let's get all different sellers So that's some good information though I think if you're shopping you can use the honey app just look at the prices of These video cards and where they've kind of been going So that's pretty much that okay Next what I wanted to do is show some secret places that I can that I go whenever I want to buy stuff So one place is This website okay now a lot of people know about it It's the actual EVGA be stock Website right so I'll post this link in the Comments, so you guys can check it out basically though every Wednesday They will put cards for sale here And sometimes they'll be a really good price But you see limit one per household right here But what's cool is is you can click on the auto notify and you'll get a notification in the email whenever this becomes available so Every Wednesday you can get the B stock cards for here right from EVGA So they do have a one limit per household, but that's just kind of how everything is gone now Amazon went from a three card to household several weeks ago to now down to one card But you can order different cards you just can't order multiples of the same card It won't even allow you in the Amazon shopping cart to do that so There's this website right EVGA B stock next I wanted to go to Show you guys something else this that's interesting that I stumbled upon All right, so everybody goes to the Newegg website and searches for like geforce 1050 or whatever right? Search for geforce 1050, and then you filter by lowest price right we all do this Well here like say for instance you've got this gigabyte 1050 OC Low profile right Well, it's 149 and $499 shipping right so That's one thing about Newegg

That's good Is there's no tax So this would be 155 dollars roughly However You guys are going to love this you can go to the new AG business Website alright new egg business comm and Any but apparently anybody can create an account over here I mean you don't you don't have to put in When I signed up for an account You don't have to even put in Business information you just literally sign up it uses a different login than they're normally Newegg website So you use your same email address if you want But anyway what it gives you is And you guys are gonna love this Look at this This is the same card for one $4999 but guess what there's no shipping charge I Think I think I think that's the way it is anyway pretty sure So anyway a bunch of these do have no free shipping though, right? Such as the zotac for two hundred and eleven dollars Wow So anyway though, that's a little secret, but here's another good secret about the new egg business, okay? I Don't know if you guys notice this, but when you click on an item look over here to the right it says Call to order more Contact us at our phone number for orders that exceed quantity limits So you can go order as many as you want or whatever within reason? I imagine and That's a way, that's a loophole around the quantity limits

You can just give them a call or you can email them here, so There you go, so So anyway, that's pretty much all I've got for now And My next episode tomorrow, I want to go over Some motherboards that work really well for mining that are really cheap that I think you guys will like so Anyway, thanks for tuning in and I'll see you guys next episode and don't forget to subscribe and Also Go check out Brandon Coyne when you get a chance cool guy good good channel Thanks, Brandon, alright everybody take care


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