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Recently, we've seen a number of blockchain companies enter the travel space, a clear indication that this is an industry ripe for disruption Trippki is a blockchain powered hotel booking platform which rewards users with cryptotokens

Trippki charges hotels 10% commission of which 75% is returned to users in Tripp tokens This represents both a big saving versus current OTAs who can charge anywhere from 125 to 30%, as well as a more rewarding program for the member Trippki aims to eliminate fake reviews by Proof of Stay, a blockchain verified confirmation that the reviewer actually did stay at the hotel, which is really cool

Trippki is aiming to raise $11 million via ICO GOeureka is another blockchain powered hotel booking platform with their own cryptotoken called GoToken Members will be able to pay for travel by either credit card or a selected range of cryptocurrencies Interestingly, this company does not charge hotels any commissions So instead, they will earn revenues by taking a clip of member transactions

GOeureka will allow existing hotel loyalty program members to convert their points into GoCredits, which can then be used towards any purchase on GOeureka's platform GOeureka is aiming to raise $60 million at ICO And then there's GOZO, which will allow conversion of any existing loyalty program currency into GOZO token, which they claim will provide greater liquidity for the consumer Once converted, customers can then put the GOZO token towards any purchase via their travel club What will be interesting here is to see how much take up GOZO will receive

Convincing another loyalty program to allow members to transfer points to GOZO will be difficult And if successful, the exchange rates are likely to be poor GOZO is aiming to raise $35 million at ICO To read more, head to blockchainloyaltyio a global resource centre for all things blockchain loyalty


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