Bitcoin used in illegal drug trafficking operations to avoid detection – FOX 29

In a virtual world there is also virtual money like bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular internet currencies. The DEA said the virtual currency is being used in the illegal trafficking of narcotics like fentanyl to avoid detection.

“We have actually seen it utilize in the illegal trafficking of narcotics, that are purchased on the so-called dark web here in the united states.”

In August 2018 the United States Department of Justice said the largest dark web distribution network bust in American history was run by a San Antonio couple. Authorities said they were selling massive amounts of illegal drugs and shipping them from their West Side home. The payment was bitcoin.

“It’s a type of virtual currency that goes up and down in value.”

In the depths of the dark web your location and personal information is almost impossible to identify, even for investigators and law enforcement.

And that’s why illegal goods like drugs are being sold and bought virtually without a trace thanks to electronic currency like bitcoin including right here in San Antonio.

“An individual was selling fentanyl and other narcotics through the dark web and he would only take payment in bitcoin, so in order to purchase those narcotics, you would have to go to a, for lack of a better term, bitcoin broker or banker and purchase a certain amount of bitcoins.”

Fentanyl is the drug mostly being trafficked through the dark web and being purchased with bitcoin currency according to government data.

“It’s a technical savvy drug dealer who is doing this. The case i specifically spoke about, he was moving, I’d say up to millions of dollars. At the end, but he was doing multiple small scale drunks deals through the internet. So what makes a guy a big drug dealer or a small drug dealer, he was a doing lots of small drug deals but they ended up making millions of dollars.”

The high-tech criminals using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to buy drugs are also exploiting a little loophole in the United States international mail system which does not require them to fill out who is sending the package or what is in it.


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