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hello you're watching crypto coin dark news and on Bitcoin this week Iceland launched his first Bitcoin trading pair South Korea calls for global unity over crypto regulation top Chinese Court rules evidence on blockchain is admissible and Donald Trump's latest SEC pick gives hope to future ETF you add Royce Mun Donald Trump's Pro crypto nomination for US Securities and Exchange Commission err has been approved by the Senate yes one of the Republicans main tasks will be to review the SE c–'s vision regarding crypto currencies paving the way for the possible approval of the first-ever crypto exchange-traded fund which is basically a marketable security that tracks the commodity or basket of assets like an index fund that you can purchase or sell on a stock exchange through a brokerage firm back in July Royce Minh told the Senate Banking Committee that the SEC must re-examine its rules regulations and guidelines to ensure it accomplishes this mission in areas such as initial coin offerings and blockchain he went on to say it was essential the SEC approached these new challenges in a fair and transparent manner provide clarity and certainty to the markets and investors and to enforce the laws and regulations that hold market participants accountable with Royce mins confirmation three of the five SEC commissioners now favorably view crypto currencies however there's no timetable for when any future Bitcoin ETF will be approved and recently a nine proposals from three different issuers were rejected this happens in late August a partly due to fears of market manipulation and the lack of future trading volume China's highest court has ruled evidence gathered using blockchain is an admissible and legitimate way to authenticate digital evidence under the ruling analysts also may present an expert to assess the reliability of the blockchain used in cases now the Supreme Court in an official announcement stated the electronic data submitted by the parties can prove their authenticity through electronic signature a trusted timestamp hash value check blockchain and other evidence collection fixed and tamper proof technical means and through electronic forensic evidence and platform certification the incorruptible digital ledger behind blockchain technology is used increasingly to help companies comply with complex regulatory requirements and the record of financial activities and anything else of value could prove vital in any court case and just over a year ago in fact China opened what is widely regarded as the world's first internet Court which specializes in handling internet links cases South Korea's Financial Supervisory Service governor has urged regulators in 14 other countries to create a multinational system for dealing with crypto currency risk and regulation enforcement yes this was a hot topic at the twentieth integrated financial Supervisors conference and their young Suk hyung told delegates that the authorities are in a difficult situation to minimize the side effects while encouraging financial innovation he added quote the aim is to calm overheated speculation and prevent illegal activities against new risk associated with virtual currency or initial coin offerings end quote yeah and the fsss chief also explains more about the ways he thinks countermeasures can tackle new digital financial tech such as crypto currencies anti cos he said his regulatory organization needs a method to adequately control and supervise the activity of financial companies as well as direct financial consumer protection systems including anti money laundering systems Iceland's new crypto trading platform is to offer Bitcoin trading pairs for the first ever time the exchange involved is called skip to mint and it will feature two trading pairs the Icelandic króna and Bitcoin and the krona and our rora coin which is basically the country's alternative to Bitcoin created four years ago yeah you know this created huge publicity and political discussion in Iceland yet since then Aurora really has been left out in the cold with the very few shops or services using a rubber coin in any real-world way despite Iceland not being known as a crypto currency trading destination it is known as a hub of cryptocurrency mining due to its seemingly plentiful renewable energy and rather chilly climate which in turn lower electricity tariffs and cooling costs so as for Bitcoin prices this week well after three straight weeks of gains a Bitcoin reached a high of seven thousand four hundred dollars last week however within a few hours on Wednesday prices fell down to six thousand to four hundred dollars and then prices really stabilized and for the next a few days hovered around the 6400 6550 dollar mark well for the first half of Saturday the price fell again to a low of just under six thousand two hundred dollars before bouncing back slightly to around six thousand four hundred dollars for the rest of the weekend and that's all for Bitcoin this week on Tom bell and i'm stamper sagansky don't forget to subscribe them all until next time you


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