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be back shortly see if we get our chat up here – that'd be cool you and the chat say something so we could just test it out South Africa in the building what's going on big Zack what up let's see here oh wow that's really clear today hmm that looks pretty good Wow I'm like an HD high-definition um I don't see it on here so I'll do this we can't get the chat up should be able to though it was up yesterday well sometimes I have to say something hmm there we go look at that all right cool good good good let's get back to this one BAM we back you know thanks for doing NXT you're welcome thanks for watching all right so let's do our countdown for everybody see ya come back at 1:00 all right guys I'll see you in a twenty minutes you you you you you you you you you you all right all right make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you haven't done it already we got 32 viewers shouldn't be hard to get a couple more likes if we get more than 40 likes somebody will be winning some free BTC on the air right so there you go go ahead and get this thing up we are good to go looks a lot better here we go live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody shout out everybody live on the chat rocking out with me big Daryl marquel Cory Madden's AK t good to see you guys everybody else if you're just now tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and Namba both of these charts as we soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception so do yourself a favor pay it forward hit that thumbs up button we got 30 people rocking out with me live on the air we need 40 likes at the end of this video I'm a refresh the window if we have more than 40 likes then somebody will win some live BTC live on the air straighten that chat right now so there you go today's video they knew right if you know anything about my show you know it's a little bit of esoteric information embedded in some financial analysis and today just happens to be episode number three for three it's a very important number in numerology especially on a base 7 system and so what I wanted to do is a you know pull together some information not only to educate you but also to inform you on how things work behind the scenes with regards to numerology repetition historical events and how ultimately you can use that information for your own personal empowerment they knew Princess Diana Marilyn Monroe and a base 7 numerology scale so the power of 7 it's very very very influential in our world and that does on the boss method this is you know in the bigger scheme of things right when we talk about numerology a lot of people don't understand that it's actually the study of the sequence of events yet to happen right and 7 is a number that's very very prominent in that whole sociologic psychology right so here we go this is a website a new prophecy that net-based seven numerology what is numerology like astrology's then use since ancient times it is defined as the study of a cult meaning of numbers let's see if we can zoom in a little bit there we go and obviously at that a lot before said a lot of what I do is really just measuring the energy cycles it's more astrology than B as mathematics the numbers one through nine our integers that are most frequently used theoretically through the use of cycles of nine years and multiples of nine we should be able to foretell future of world events however to do this will at best be slightly successful well then what is base seven it's a system of forecasting future events that is founded on the belief that the number seven has special mystical properties and may also be the Paramount numerical factor by which time itself operates right some important words right there the theory upon which the system operates is my own personal belief this is not my website I just found this on the internet it's not mine but the words are very very very similar following close observation history repeats itself in cycles of seven or multiples of seven years right and so that's kind of the theology of numerology and forecasting events yet to come remember I always tell you only three things exists that which you know that which you don't know yet and that which you are in the process of knowing basically the past present and the future right and if you know too you know the third or you can infer the third right so let's go through some examples of seven being used throughout history throughout Society and prominent features in our civilization this is one of the numerical system Roman numerals it's only seven symbols right and from those seven symbols you recreate any number you want another good one is the diatonic scale for music seven music notes on that scale right and from those music notes you can create any harmony you want we also know that there are seven days in the week one week one complete cycle right and you also see there you have those colors embedded so beautifully in that calendar just so happens to be seven natural spectrums on the color wheel right then this has been mathematically and scientifically proven as well right and so now let's look at the mathematics of seven somebody in the chat set seven heavens yes we haven't gotten there yet so just wait one second all right mathematics of seven right seven can most easily be broken down into three plus four right if you think about math you think about basic shapes three is the triangle four is the square seven is the circle it is completion right that's why in the Bible you know seven was the first week God rested on the seventh day because it had completed it's first cycle right if you take this theology in itself this is in 2d planar dimensions but when you rotate it in a third dimension make that square a prism and make that triangle a pyramid you can actually get a sphere by rotating that shape within itself this is also known as squaring the circle but this is actually in three dimensions and that H B and the line going back into the depth of the chart that triangle that forms right there is actually the cut out of a sphere that would be rotating on that plane so that 8hb that's actually half of a the cut out of a sphere that would be bisected if it was in this same shape triangle square circle right we expand this theology on two dimensions and we can get the seed of life right and this is where seven interconnecting circles actually form our existence right and this is the same symbol I have right there that's the seed of life behind me right and so it just in numerology and simple mathematics vector mathematics we can actually begin to understand the frame of energy by which we all coexist within right many people have learned this information this information has also been withheld from many people and again you just see Circle Square triangle it's crazy that we learn this as children but it's never presented in the way that it actually encompasses everything right and so this is just a brief alchemists symbol cult you know imagery I don't want to get too much into that but also know that there are seven deadly sins and like someone in the chat seven heavens as well I believe in Game of Thrones they talk about seven hells you know seven hells like yeah so it's seven heaven seven hills and seven deadly sins to maneuver to positive and negative energies found there within and again in squaring the circle you're able to encompass all of the esoteric power that is built between these three symbols three plus four equals seven so people know this this is being used today right and this is where we get back to our original thumbnail they knew when you say things like that people always ask who is they show me they well there they go right there the designers the controllers the great architects of all civilization well let's get into a field experiment the live example so speak again that that website I shall doing a via the new prophecy net this is on their website talking about the Dianna prophecy using base of the numerology this person theorized that going off of Marilyn Monroe's murder in 1962 half of a Desa scale sequence which is five seven times five thirty five 1997 will be a very influential year Marilyn Monroe was a young you know famous society icon kind of you know woman's ex figure of her time you know known throughout the world and her death was a huge loss to the esoteric a collective collective at the time right so in 1997 this seven times five theology would have predicted that this you know was due to happen again and those of you that understand history know that you know it did indeed see itself right Princess Diana died in her thirties known throughout the world is kind of you know a womanly motherly figure kind of affinity figure of the woman energy right and it happened almost exactly 35 years apart so this is just the seven times five right and another thing we know about Bay is that they are those who see and they are those who listen they are those with ears of ears to see a nice listen this is a scripture taken from Bible Jeremiah 5:21 here now this Al foolish people without understanding which have eyes and see not which have ears and hear not what this is San is that there are many many foolish people in the world that have eyes but don't see they have ears but don't listen the pattern could be right in front of your face but if you don't see it you remain ignorant to it your entire life if I tell it to you and you just let the words pass by you my sound my resonance doesn't actually connect to you then you don't actually hear me you know I can be audible to you but you can still not hear me right and this is what I say it is this whole this whole energy that you know many of us are evolved into right now is self-selecting right three things exist in the world transmitter receiver frequency this frequency that we found ourselves to is uh you know much different than the frequency of base society I don't need to keep up with the kardashians I don't need to you know listen to Rachel Maddow every night reinforce my cocoa just the juxtaposition of societal demographics I don't need to trade forty hours of my time every week for the safety of a cubicle right and so when you understand how things in our universe begin to come together you understand that they they the architects the controllers the designers of this framework matrix we find ourselves locked in they are those with ears to hear and eyes to see they are indeed those with the vision remember neo in the matrix he achieved vision and this is indeed our opportunity one of the things you've learned when you look up who they are they are a seven they embody everything that 7 entails they embody its power its uniqueness its form its design it is indeed the greatest tool at the same time the greatest limitation rational flexible and hungry for knowledge the mind of the seven goes in places other numbers rarely attain the imagination is vast and powerful which helps to guide them into spiritual atmosphere a few people ever reached but it's always mental rational never divined the satisfaction and happiness that finds the mental explorations allowed them to spend long hours in solitude and enjoy it yet at the same time they put much faith in the power to mind thereby limiting potential humans have an experience the essence of life as it can be be experienced only in feeling and not in words it is said that if you can speak the Tao you do not know the Tao if you can speak the word you do not know the word life in its purely purest form can only be felt and experienced never rationalized for the seven to reach a height of spiritual wisdom it must as all others travel beyond the limitations of the mind and allow divine silent to spill its secrets it is the essence of the seven that symbolizes our struggle know and understand I will say that again it is the essence of the seven that most symbolizes our struggle to know and to understand the essence of the seven how can you use this information for your own financial empowerment I'm glad you asked here goes the answer this is an archive taken from The Wall Street Journal talking about the maturing of a bull market you might have thought it was a fluke you know you might just set out 35 years yes seven times five yeah that's great who cares big deal okay that's fine that's fine well let's let's take today's financial market go back 35 years and this article is eerily reminiscent of our exact time right now how long the bull will charge depends on many things we're in a long bull market many people say her it's getting tired right wealth has lifted the Dow Jones to record is high how many times have you heard that this year in the stock market record highs record highs record highs the future direction of insurance rates an upturn in corporate earnings and the continued cooling of inflation's some say the Dow will rise to 2000 keep in mind this article was written in 1983 almost 35 years ago to the day others say the market is overvalued and will soon slip have you heard that recently in either case as a stock market boom approaches time it is clear the surge cannot continue the heavy rise of the first year to stock market apparently Dow Jones is expected to give way to the second phase of slower game propelled by a steady betterment corporate profits boom boom boom all of this sounds like it could literally be in Bloomberg today a transition and slower stage of the bull market may already be underway with third and more speculative stage yet to come before the market rise runs its course basically we are at the top and it's just a matter of how long it takes us to start showing up on the other side new york times 1983 the maturing of a bull market they knew who is they 2018 annual outlook citibank's PDF navigating a maturing bull market 35 years to the day and if you look a little bit farther into the data you'll find that the greatest technology crash in existence happened beginning that year didn't we just have not even a month ago I believe Facebook lost at the biggest one-day loss in the history of the stock market almost 35 years to the day from this 1983 article maturing of a bull market technology crash 97 percent loss and yes j2j if you just now tune them in you need to hit that rewind button I think we got this thing live streaming on DVR so go ahead and rewind it play it from the top cause uh you know this is the three hundred and forty third edition of boy BK live on air so you know I had that you know dig into the archives a little bit take off the Blazer loosen up the toss step inside the booth tell them Superman's alive that's what he looked like BAM hit him over the head with it it's what we do we go and understand what happened previously we over stand the situation we look at the whole field and then we understand how it's all coming together right now shout out this mom mom aren't big home and understanding you know secret energy comm check it out if you haven't done it already you know and like I say it man this is just the beginning right so many times I will come on this channel and I will you know razzle and dazzle on the charts show you how to freestyle on the fibonacci you do some sine waves line make some predictions and foam you know just like just like you know one of these guys putting a little potion together I'm able to do it with some mathematics and and and understand the energy in the charts but at the same time there's a greater opportunity for us to literally good see what's happening right now right this is the opportunity 35 years to the day do you think that's a mistake of all the titles to use on an annual report Citibank one of the largest fiduciaries in the world maturing of a bull market maturing of a bull market technology crash do you own research look it up yourself but understand this is indeed we are indeed on the cusp of the greatest transition of wealth in the history of humanity almost 35 years today and now you are fortunate enough to where you can be one of the day right they know you know right actually you smarter than they cuz they got a play by all their rules they too busy keeping people walking in circles lost brainless hopeless you know they have their there they're too busy confusing everybody else you know to keep everybody else lost see that's energy lost there come there they're too busy making sure that other people remain blind other people remain deaf other people remain you why is it going in through every every school you learn about the blind deaf mute girl he have ears but do not hear you have eyes but do not see everybody look here needs words can name at least one you learned in school I can name to understand what's happening over stand the outlook and understand the connection the resonance and the undeniable truth that everything is connected and then if you want to make some money jump on my website check out the resources tools tricks and tips you know that we give out to the people right for free a lot of them right go down a free Bitcoin to a BAM and I'm saying jump in the number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always open twenty thousand people you know coming together to help each other make money in the markets just like the good old days right number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin you know and we'll help you get set up on the blockchain shout out the crypto you know doing it staying in LA and that's what we got right so for the 343rd episode I say thank you for allowing me this opportunity it's been life-changing and so I hope that you are enlightened to the opportune timing as I am at this time they don't want us at the top of that pyramid because they have created all the constraints boundaries laws tax codes prisons zip codes jobs cubicles pensions to keep us there tell you a secret you can't trade your pension for the top of that pyramid they have made sure of it can't trade two 401k and get to the top of that pyramid they have made sure of it they understand that the number seven is very very very powerful and they don't want you to know that if you in the chat right now shout your country I don't come in right to you let's see if we got our um 40 lights let's find out you 39 can't even do it can't even do it I say it 40 I gave y'all like an hour on this whole video we got 39 it hurts it hurts me it hurts me can't do it yeah y'all pass two days ago on the other one I just reloaded this a 39 that's what I got to go off of I got it I can't I can't I can't refresh it now I was at 45 but it was just it was just that 39 it was just that 39 I got to go off without some yeah I'm saying alright fine I'll do this we'll go somebody up top who we got whoo yeah who got sucked him 4914 let's just go it 7-7 from the top who was seven one two three four five six Zach T you didn't win yesterday you one day I'm an exact seven and then we go uh yeah we just go is that Jimmy a wallet I got it I gotta send you to email back anyway so uh we'll settle up on that stuff but there you go guys he said gotta be seven how do you even know how you even know that stuff that's weird there you go cool man everybody I appreciate you guys watching thank you for tuning in um that being said it's that time of the day signing out this is the folks your boy BK no matter where you state Brazil debate California all the way back out through jerk my name good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for me one time subscribe join the money team copy and paste this URL to somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic y'all these


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