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thumbs up button if you haven't done it already if we're able to get 250 bikes by the end of this video then I will jump live in a chat and pick somebody to win some free bitcoins so go on YouTube hit thumbs up button subscribe if you haven't already and get ready to enjoy all discussion we've got about 60 seconds everybody 19 viewers live O'Hare was going out we will be getting started here if you haven't hit that thumbs up button do it cuz it's gonna be a nice little video and I haven't given away any Bitcoin all week you know I think I think my dad ate it once last week so you know try to try to get the money out to you guys trying to give you an opportunity we'll see what happens shout out the Big B Facebook live I know he was there he said he was in the restaurant say if they was closed down for the day I let's see here we own Facebook live – you know it's kind of cool see if we get these people some love real quick that's the Facebook laugh group there we go so yeah Facebook live for come on man latte in the building that's Jeffy shot me not sure how you pronounce you mate you know so we trying to do big things you know I'm saying it's still just to begin Brendan Kelly on Facebook check it out let's do it pop this chat out real quick for you guys you go ahead shout your country out too we get to show you some love early on big crypto what up Zack what's going on Ronda good to see you alright here we go live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the creased o of creeped up is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money today is September 2010 2018 and we will be looking at a nice dj khaled interlude for the blockchain you know my voice don't get that I know more when I was when I was in my younger days I could scream just like Khaled Duke on them tracks I can't do it no more but you know he said we the best Young's and he also say we close we cloak and so that's exactly what the blockchain is right now that's what bitcoin has proven it is indeed the best transmitter of digital value in the world just overtook PayPal we go look at them stats it's very very very impressive it's pretty amazing that we are indeed this early in the crypto space and yet we have the numbers to take down some of the Giants of the financial industry so this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trainer here and I'm the boasts these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so if you haven't done it already hit that thumbs up button under this screen right now it looks like we only got about 19 likes I'm gonna give you one more if we get to 50 before I finish this video then somebody is guaranteed to win some free BTC we are streaming live on Facebook and on YouTube I'm about to put this thing on periscope for tomorrow's show so we should be able to get up to 50 every single video right and so with that being said let's go on and get into our featured discussion before today I posted this tweet earlier today September 10th and that's the infographic right there 2018 Bitcoin transactions PayPal has been overtaken and that's for me you know that's pretty monumental news when you when you start a business right when you're a entrepreneur one of the things they teach you is to project your business on getting 1% of the incumbents traffic right if we just get 1% and sometimes they even say 1% of 1% so if we get 1% of 1% then we'll have this much money right we'll bit going did that back in 2009 it got about 1% of PayPal volume seed I don't even show that back then but it but now we actually just passed them and this is in transaction value dollar-for-dollar Bitcoin did 13 trillion in 2018 right PayPal less than uh you know one trillion dollars right and again that's very very big I don't I don't want to get too much into the exponential growth curve that's hiding behind Miss chart I'm gonna save that for another video but no indeed that because we're above a trillion we're a lot closer to 10 trillion then we are a hundred million this is called the quantifiable logarithmic scale basically you know if if and it's a statistics behind this stuff it's like if a person doesn't die before they're free then they're more likely to live to 30 than to die by like six or something like that you know exam because it's just like it's so much energy going into it that it just scales out logarithmic a and an quantifiably quadratic quadratic expression so so I'm gonna get to that in another video because I think another big bone is coming that's gonna take us up to this ten trillion mark just like it was a big boom that came to take us from a hundred million to one trillion back between 2016 and 2017 so that's why I say sorry for the wait big boom coming soon you know just stay tuned but without further ado let's get into some of this PayPal Bitcoin correlation for the content in this video and then this is one website right here blockchain council down org you know this was published in March of 2018 and and when you have you know dot org industries that are leading you know to SEO of Google correlating what is the difference between PayPal and blockchain and they go through you know just for the everyday reader I think that's important to take note because that means there is a direct correlation or aid elect you know incumbent competitor relationship and they say right off the top that PayPal and blood chain are entirely different entities at least for now that means that one of them is migrating to the other and blockchain ain't doing they'll centralized you know vigil fee effect slave labor debt paper system it just doesn't work so PayPal is indeed coming to the blockchain it's not a matter if but when right and the wind is where they want to throw you off the horse at the wind is where they use you know these four-letter circle-jerk organizations propaganda outlets to tell you that you shouldn't do it right the CEO right here said it's gonna be the leader in online payments notice he did not say online transactions cuz they're not even close Bitcoin got that Young's and ain't letting it go no time soon so they disguise the words and their own little categories and they said it will grow faster than the e-commerce industry not the blockchain industry right but coin for coin Powell for pound dollar for dollar it's a very interesting comparison because when we look at bitcoins total market cap right now is 55% this is live from coin market cap right we're at six thousand fifty five percent dominance on two hundred million overall we got a Bitcoin market cap up about a hundred and nine billion dollars right well let's jump on over to market watch pull up PayPal and we can see that they have a total market cap of a hundred and six billion dollars so this is literally you know a head-to-head race with regards to actual size right market cap think of it as like a bucket right a net and and and and however much water is in your bucket that's how much market cap you have that's how late we you are in the market if they sold every single share of PayPal calculated out that's what it would give them a hundred and five billion dollars just the same as if you sold every single Bitcoin and cashed out the whole market you know the market would get a hundred and nine billion so these two are literally you know within one or two percent of each other so it's a very interesting correlation and that's why I wanted to come on and do this video just to let you guys know that the race is indeed a lot closer than what they're saying and so much that they are already discrediting the inevitable expansion of Bitcoin all right here's another cjb organization I don't mention their name but it says bitcoin is no threat notice they keep using these words threat dominance leadership you see one saying no threat to PayPal dominance right and this was written in April now keep in mind Bitcoin had already you know passed them in transactions as of 2017 but you have not only the CEO but other cjb slave labor Fiat debt paper entities claiming that there is no threat don't buy Bitcoin keep your money on PayPal look we're giving you we're giving you 15 percent PayPal bucks over on eBay go back go keep spending money get this 15 percent slave labor debt paper rebate that we giving you on eBay don't put it on the blockchain don't increase your equity don't don't trade our transition to a more secure decentralized payment network no keep it on PayPal right next we say this is from the CEO former former CEO but they still quota cryptocurrencies are heading closer to zero I don't even know what that means young-sam what does that even mean cuz technically the dollar is heading closer to zero forever it's called inflation but Easy's correlating the exact same thing for crypto currencies and they make it headline news to drive down the price right Bitcoin dropped about 30 percent after this date 20 percent right and so you can see that there is a direct incumbent competitor relationship between Bitcoin and PayPal PayPal is owned by eBay when they started it it was it was initially supposed to be kind of like the gateway of money on the Internet this is back in a day where they had like the BlackBerry case right and you could kick me or p

m me whatever they were calling it back in the day and you had your own QR code on a blackberry you know that was supposed to be tied to your PayPal wallet – where you can literally scan somebody's code and send money back and forth on PayPal eBay didn't want that if you want to do logging in ebaycom what's the email address brandon kelly ebaycom BAM we own PayPal so now you can buy something digitally through eBay you know and it never got built out it never got scaled out but initially the vision was to create a digital currency similar to what Bitcoin does now back in the 90s with Elon Musk and um the one the one other guy but they ran into a lot of stuff with we're trying to actually be a bank but not be a bank and you know the CJ B's you know not wanting competition and so it evolved into this you know overlay of your bank right if you have money in your bank well then you can transfer it to PayPal and now PayPal you can buy money on website you know you can you can basically log into PayPal and send money through whatever website you know Amazon you know so I never really got built up and never got scaled up and again this is a system of design don't think that you know the the the game is done you know that paper hell is great and that's all there ever is like no it never actually got built out to what it was supposed to be because it got bought out right but guess what you can't buy Bitcoin you can't buy the blockchain you can transfer equity over there you can cash out some of you your Fiat notes you know and get exchange it for something woody in the blockchain but you know you can't one of these one of these big banks that you know get this stuff for free can't you know print out a fake check for say a hundred billion dollars of these things and say now we own Bitcoin that's what they've done all right the rich gets richer the poor get poorer and nothing ever gets made any better nothing ever improves right that's because competition and today's caki stock rate capitalists oligarchy is an illusion and this is our opportunity this is why I say transfer or change your values change your worth if you value this piece of paper right here then you best believe your your your worth will be decreasing over time slowly and surely year by year 5 percent 5 percent 5 percent 5 percent 5 percent about 10 years left 10 years later that's what you left what if you value the dollar I don't anymore and life is much much better and so I invite you to do the same right and so much that I'm I'm dedicating my life to bringing over millions of people to this new technology let's check out some of the resources we have set up right now one of them is both of Bitcoin comm if you in the chat right now do me a favor such a country out I will get back to you guys in about two and a half minutes I just want to show our newcomers how they can make some money with the fam is hit they said it ain't no fun if the homeboy don't get none so I'm sitting on this computer you know six days a week trying to build out this infrastructure to bring money back to the people you know I'm saying how do we do it we got a few products available for you the first is the profit package seven coins every seven days I'm about to go and I update this list right now so if you jump in on this by the end of the day you will have the six weeks top seven coins on the market as photo movers shakers and money makers you know just to stay up to date on the swings and the trends in the market and then we have the boss alert messages you know for my sharks and my barracudas taking a chunk out of them whales this is the best group for you 250 a month put down to so you could pick up six it's just that easy to get paid you will have priority exclusive updates from yours truly and one on one messaging with me through our exclusive messaging app and also we do have the lessons available for everyone as well lastly we have the number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one on bitcoin type at and come on in the doors are always open twenty thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and profit in the marketplace right and I just did a video on this yesterday talking about V chain you know which was a direct poll that we did in our community so there you go we got the Bitcoin group we got we got Twitter you know we got the website and and we just trying to bring people over it's not about increasing how many you know slave labor debt notes that each unit of this network is trading for at the moment it's about transforming your life from one of control to one of liberation and that can never have a price tag on it so let's go ahead and do this real quick let's see who we got rocking out in the chat right now I appreciate everybody that's been a been patient with me during this a countdown and during this part of the video let me see if I could bring Facebook lab up here for you on Facebook love to go hit shot shell shout out shout out to city and country let the people know where you from you know I'm saying I'm pretty sure I'm one of the first people ever to put YouTube and Facebook live community side-by-side on the live stream so here we go boom boom well let's see look at that you know saying it ain't pretty but it worked until somebody else do it better at least you know who did it first my man big Richard holding her down for Facebook and Cali boss walking on the west coast what's going on and then we got miss Ronda holding down an organ crisp crystal cane Mumbai a troll he'll cast an spliff star San Diego Cory Madden you know I'm saying us a big joke mightyjoyoung over here USA two towns back-to-back bowling you know and the three one three two Motor City and then we got India in the building as well you know that's not fair honestly that's my favorite part of doing these videos is just you know giving a people a chance to be seen and shout throw country otter I remember back in the day in Cleveland listened to the radio you know you say you call in calling and shout shout shout to city outlet let the radio DJ know what we're what part of town you calling me in from now I go on YouTube everybody else doing it I can say it man you know I'm saying imitation is the best form of flattery so just remember we do best this is Bitcoin this is the boss this is an exclusive video of knowledge insight you know I dedicate my life to giving away knowledge for free they say knowledge is power well it's time to break off them change but that being said it's that time of the day signing out boss yeah boy DJ no matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way back out to jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button we didn't get our 50 lights at least we didn't last time last time I checked let's see y'all I've reloaded up on my screen right now reloading it what's the final count mmm get it guys 29 we'll try it again tomorrow copy and paste the URL hit that thumbs up button we still roll it back leave me a comment let me know if there's an altcoin you want to see for tomorrow's video right do that for me do you appreciate mine till we meet again they cryptic y'all Biggs


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