Bit Bubble Tech Trading LIVE – Cryptocurrency Signals (100% ITM)

hi guys! what's up? FAYSAL here & today I will be trading with BIT BUBBLE TECH software but before I begin, I'd like to request you to like our page and subscribe to our channel

so without further ado let's begin trading let's login to BIT BUBBLE TECH platform okay here is the platform but not much signals right now okay we got one DASH signal and one ETHEREUM signal you can see so DASH certainty of success is 89% and overall traders opinion for a SELL

okay let's go for it the DASH/USD that's DASH/USD then PUT & go for 15 minutes expiry I think that trade has executed here for a PUT I made a mistake because I did not select the amount properly

I placed a $10 trade so go for another $40 same asset & a PUT okay so the strike price is closer okay let's go and check for another opportunity both the signals are in red now

okay let's go for a ETHEREUM price and it is a CALL trade and eighty-seven percent probability of winning okay ETHEREUM for a CALL okay go for $50 Both the trades has been placed so only these two signals are available right now so I don't have the opportunity to get into other trades

so let's see what happens by the way I would like to inform you that BIT BUBBLE TECH is a manual trading software therefore, you have to copy these signals to any of your brokerage account and it does not have an auto trading option so yeah that is an opportunity I see in a way because you can copy signals to your own platform or own brokerage platform you don't need to place trades on BIT BUBBLE TECH nominated brokers

so that's a good opportunity and yeah so these trades are doing good and I will be back after like 12 minutes DASH trade has just expired and one more ETHEREUM trade is yet to expire within a short period okay the DASH trades have expired and ETHEREUM trade is about to expire within a minute let's see okay the ETHEREUM trade has also expired so let's see the results

closed trades okay here is the results and the ETHEREUM $50 trade is the winner and it was a good one as you can see the strike price in between and DASH/USD $50 trades are also the winner but it was a close one strike price works 518 and close price was 514 however, I won both the trades and I got a profit of $70 I guess

so it's not bad and that is the quick session of BIT BUBBLE TECH and there is not much signals going on BIT BUBBLE TECH platform so I will stop trading for now if you have not yet joined the BIT BUBBLE TECH crypto currency trading software then you may join I put a link in the description and let us know about your experience about BIT BUBBLE TECH or any other trading software

so take care and don't get scammed!


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