Altcoin News | Litecoin To Surpass Bitcoin Cash | Cryptocurrency Mining Record GPU Sales In 2017

hello everyone so get some news so our so market cap is going about 15 million so the last 24 hours maybe that's 450 billion yes a velocipede become dominance is going up with the thirty nine point nine cents I pick ones getting their preaching at eleven thousand I'll still down about nearly two percent of seven days ago games nearly getting back up nine ten close of 900 ripple still same Bitcoin cash gets around 1200 Y coins to at 220 near 140 get dinosaur 33 yes at nine stellar at 36 I owe that to us so – 614 yes I was slowly getting there looking at bits and pieces icon sonic full marks so we're still we're still in that winter at the moment we haven't really trying it trying to Bitcoin at least to 12,000 and see what we can do from there yeah fingers crossed so that all out if you hold any i ciose at the moment get get them all gone and start cashing them in so bidding news so Krypton mining in 2017 to buy the seven hundred and seventy six million dollars in GPU manufacture revenue on illegal noises so popular on it's the easiest way to earn I mean you have to recruit night season yeah after if you're not buying yourself and we can answer you a company like Genesis or now versus around dragon mining galaxy mining I mean it's easy it's why you can make some coin but obviously were talking about people that actually bought it themselves and charge them so so truther morning has been a profitable industry this is especially true for manufactures of graphicasts and Isis may appreciate gamers all over the world a lot of GPUs are brought up to mine all coins so in 2017 it seems close to seven hundred seventy six million worth GPU this is just for cryptocurrency mining purposes and it's pretty significant especially when considering how AMT was the main supplier it's a lot of changed what has changed in the world of cryptocurrency mining these days GPUs and more profitable than they have been years but this is mainly due to the price of all coins surging through 2017 and which it did so I think when I started Bitcoin mining a lot because I like $1200 so obviously he also wrote it up he's write it up as a group the management office does like a couple dollars a day and they're just shot up as if it's epic and grew as well so customers were flocking to compare units and hopes of seeing up their own at-home virtual gold mine as a result the number of GPUs sold throughout Twitter exploded exponentially it is a positive element for both AMD in the video even though even though the former has come out on top in this regard so crypto currency mine is waiting for the man factor so obviously without three million units of cryptocurrency morning specifically things will get very interesting this cars generated revenue yes obviously 736 and 217 that's 2017 master sales with AMD even though the via Carter also quite powerful so it is evident this massive demand has also caused a problem a lot of problems along the way global soldiers of GPUs have been rather common in the past six to eight months so oh yeah now Bitcoin miner crypto mine he's not gonna go away guys so yeah you want to get into it going into you know me as best on the game to be honest well you know because there everything's down the moment but once once we come in as crypto winter crypto winter everything starts going out it's gonna be awesome to start mining like why fine – obviously Bitcoin hiriam as it cash Manero and this goes on so we'll see here we go so that's what that there are where else we got so the like pointers surpassed Bitcoin cash is here which I think it's going to happen anyway so the I coin found a Charlie yes they tweeted they expect like going to surpass Bitcoin by the end of 2018 Christmas critics consider the recent heart forward by the litecoin team gorging partnerships and pushing the cryptocurrency to adopt to be adopted for use on a number of platforms as a reasonable step towards a potential increase in value it will be enough to overtake be cash so much of implementation so rumors abound that light corn is set some orange light power later this year is the proposed service will function it's similar weights you pay power allowing merchants to process transactions for a small fee by utilizing the litecoin blockchain instead it it's a bold and innovative step pushing steps always pushing else you see a lot going into the mainstream and precisely the sort of move that competes that activity around litecoin thereby pushing up its value to be honest I still think it's only a fool bigger it certainly gets the full figures like I said I'm in the last three years I've said simply over these years just how fast is gonna be done so anyway so they've got here a great time to Holograms body crypto traders who are currently holding litecoin I don't advantage as a currency is predicted by many experts to continue on a slow upward trajectory throughout the year first considering getting in on India in on the action are advised to do so sooner or later as further big announcements are expensive which are lately in the rest of the team many of which have been kept tightly under wraps so in short the worst possible thing to do right now is to upload so if you're gone don't rule if you've got to keep it if you want it quiet there you go self-explanatory also something about money laundry so 35 nations and the EU want better crypto AML policies so pretty much these turkeys are actually included like China France Germany India Japan South Korea Russia I would guess we didn't turkey United Kingdom and of course the United States they want to rewrite the the laws I suppose more main laundering so hopefully it's not too bad when they when they all meet eventually at g20 did you I think it is I was at the g20 in Iraq it is anyway so we're all meeting up together so they're tryna make it harder for me laundering laws which is fully grown-up it's used for terrorism you shit but hope it doesn't affect just the normal crypto currency people like us like it's just the general people is easier can't the organization promise for presented a Myers provides AML countermeasures for cryptocurrencies at the outcoming g20 meeting or financial I'll finance ministers so it's just hope it's nothing too major and it's just something to end something I saw funny it was this this read it I just moved into my first apartment and I brought this table because it reminded me of neo I'm thinking by the other scars at the neo clog so yeah that's pretty fine facing a saint tonight may I go other taking I'll leave it thought this be negative dumbs up if you don't like it give it a thumbs down I don't care either way um yeah leave a comment if you're going or any questions just feel free to answer it and guys yeah well yeah I'll see you my next video bye for now


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