6.4.2018 PeopleWave ICO Review 🔷What Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

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It should also be noted that altcoin trading, altcoins, finance, blockchain technology explained, and trending bitcoin news is discussed as well Thank you for your support Stay Cryptic Y'all BK performance tool that measures insights that matter switch from annual appraisal to an ongoing one so you can provide employees with feedback as it occurs not once a year with performance wave employees can now receive feedback not only from their managers but also co-workers customers and everyone they work closely with employees can now do their you anywhere anytime on their mobile or desktop and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete for the first time ever managers have access to real-time data to help identify hot performers and opportunities for improvement performance wave puts people first in people management instead of searching just a random job descriptions or CVS you're actually searching for relevant performance information on individuals which will give you a stack rank from say the best most relevant person all the way through to maybe the top 20 top 50 or top 100 and that's why we're doing this a CEO working capital to this amazing ice to go to build these amazing products in the blockchain in in talking with you last night I think one of the things I was enlightened to is the fact that you know you guys have a legitimate business model that's based on and not number one empowering the end-user the customer and also the service providers the big the big companies the big clients and we talked about the struggles in HR you know you talked about you being laid off I had a similar situation where I was working for a big company and you know things didn't go well and now I'm on to bigger and better ventures and can you talk a little bit about how you're building your platform to incorporate number one trust transparency and also empowerment for all the stakeholders yeah it's a really good point wave base was built or being built so by people wave to really focus on one key thing how do we give employees power over their own data one of the biggest challenges is when you leave a company you have no record of your performance you know it's sitting in somebody's head or you know some piece of paper somewhere and it's lost but the reality is you know when a new employer is looking to get a sense of your performance you know so many people lie or embellish their accomplishments and so on so we realized there's a way of actually giving employees power over their own data to tell their own story but also allowing different stakeholders such as companies that want to hire you recruiters and so on to actually look at performance data your strength of your relationships your competencies your hard and sub skill and also how well you did in in certain projects in the role to get a sense of whether you'd be relevant for their role or not and there's multiple stakeholders here first of all we reward individuals or employees for uploading verified information they get people wave tokens for that and they can spend those tokens actually to craft their own story if there's an amazing job opportunity they want to have they can actually spend people with tokens a lot like how Google does their their search base system you spend a few tokens to actually be listed the very top the search results of course it has to be relevant but it also allows you to craft your story maybe you want to emphasize things like your your relationships or talk about your particular skills in relation to the job that's being offered so companies every company then uses people webs traditional SAS software automatically moves their employees data over to the web-based blockchain solution we also remunerated ease in terms of P wave tokens every time they do that we're also pursuing significant deals with large software companies and our HR tech companies to take their data across the thousands and millions of employees that are using them and equalize them in an apples-to-apples way with people wave software and of course third and finally we're looking for third parties those could be companies like LinkedIn or Facebook or other service providers who actually access access to large pools of information and it really brings it together and allows us to be the one in global HR solution Wow Wow that's pretty amazing just they hear that you guys are already partnering and working with some of the big names in the business and building that into your status quo or your de facto business model I think it's very crucial I think all too often you hear about these blockchain companies you know kind of kind of as the underdog you know coming in trying to do everything and they think that's going to work when in actuality the most successful companies especially that scale are those that make their competitors their clients and then we talk about this b2b to see model can you talk about a little those conversations have been going and how you see you know maybe the roadmap or the process building out as you uh you know build your business model through sure happy to well where we are is we've actually got over 400 customers using our platform today but many of them as a semi so small and medium-sized enterprises and we're speaking to more and more enterprises every day when we're talking to HR providers there are combination of people from payroll solution providers to call what's called HR is which is the larger players that actually keep employee data and do kilometres and so on a road map looks very simple we're actually getting as many customers as possible so in the next few months we should over over eleven hundred customers using our platform and we actually plan to actually have an exponential J curve but the customers are signing up over the next few years within an 18 month period we're looking to sign up over a thousand over a million a registered employees under the wave based solution and we're gonna do that by pursuing significant partnerships now I can't get into all the partnerships until web design demo is use yet but look out for some of those announcements in the next few weeks as amazing as and as a very very exciting one up one of the I guess questions I want to address that I know my community members will have when we look at the Big Data space and the black chain and also social ramifications for privacy of the end-user I think right now China has implemented a social credit score that's adversely affecting some of the participants of that digital economy can you speak to how you guys will be maintaining the integrity and you know still in instilling that trust and that empowerment to the end users and the data holders you're right if it's all about trusting empowerment and again our philosophy and purpose is to make work fair through data and transparency so there's two key ways to answer the question first of all you know the European Union has just launched a very strict privacy and consumer protection which is called gdpr so people wave has been and will continue to be gdpr compliance so when handling employee data it's extremely sensitive and we're making sure that no matter which country in the world you with us on we're compliant with those regulations number two really critical employees owned their own data there's been a lot of you know brouhaha with her Facebook and you know doing kind of horrible things with the people's data we're taking the opposite approach so we're allowing employees to fundamentally be at the heart of this and they are in their own information now we often get questions about well maybe I've had a bad relationship with a manager or I had a bad performance review this particular company maybe there's a bad culture fit well the reality is we all have problems but everyone's got their own unique story and here's where some of the token omics come into play so for example if you're looking to be at the very top of the listing we generally have a serious number of slots compared to anyone their job you're looking for so it's an amazing job like being on it our sales director at Google and you really really want that job you can pace them if you have those come skills you can pay some people with tokens Phyllis it's very top of those search results so it doesn't mean you are necessarily the best candidate but you might have a very good story you could actually up weight things like the your relationships and how strong those relationships are maybe you've got amazing business development or account management skills and you really want to put that front and center and maybe you can also down wise fact that you might have had an issue with a manager or maybe it had a kind of bit of a Down score in a particular month so those things matter less when you present the full true and verified history that's something I wanted to dig deep into it this is I think of a great innovation that you're implementing um into your business and allowing users to use the token to essentially acquire more exposure on the network this is basically how Google works and Adsense and and McDonald's and Starbucks so to speak this is a real estate play to where digital real estate exposure accessibility you're monetizing that incorporating into your blocks and your utility token and again allowing users to essentially promote themselves above the status quo you're allowing them to access the algorithm which I think is is very very it's pretty cool you know you see all 12 and especially in Facebook you know we don't even have the power to you know access our own market anymore our my post for example Facebook I have five five ten thousand followers but my post is you know inundated with all of these spam news feeds that people really don't even want access to and I have no way to promote that you know organically on on top of that feed so just to see that you you actually taking the time to understand that as a pain point you know and then again you're offering a solution in a digital interface I think is a very encouraging and very very insightful thank you very much and I think you know just explaining the token I'll mix a little bit and you're right I mean it's not a lot of people necessarily think about this but you know the token I make so why will the token rise why should I buy PWB tokens and really the pwe tokens represent the market so in between two opposing forces that are going to push the price out so one hand you've got job seekers who will get some people wave tokens and with limited supply to only 12 billion now of course there's over three and a half billion employees out there in the world so and that's that numbers going up and up every day so we have a finite quantity of tokens out there number two you will acquire tokens every time you do something so I upload verified information maybe you've got a past performance of you maybe I'm uploading some people wave data out of our performance review software I spin those tokens as a jobseeker to be listed the very top of for search results for relevant jobs that I'm very very interested in and the number of tokens will vary depending on how niche that opportunity is or how much demand there is of the opportunity and is it rightly pointed out it's exactly how Google works and that's how they become a multi-billion dollar business mm-hmm on the other side you have companies now for companies to hire an individual what it normally takes is about 25 percent of their annual salary to go through a recruiter now if you're talking about someone earning 50k or $100,000 a year that's like twelve and a half thousand twenty-five thousand dollars just to hire someone let alone the productivity costs so if you look at it just those companies will then instead of actually going through recruiters be working to buy on a paper use or a subscription model access to a set of search results so you pay to do a search for one particular role or you pay on a subscription basis monthly annually through people web tokens to have access to multiple searches and of course there's another use case which is really about background checks so pre-employment screening or doing a reference check terrible process today full of lies and full of inaccurate information what we do is actually allow companies to actually search on that performance data and again every time they do that and the deeper they want to dig there's obviously people wave tokens they would spend to do that on the other side the candidate can spend people with tokens to present the story in the best possible way so in between those two forces of job seekers looking to actually get a great job job employers actually trying to get great candidates those tokens are in limited supply price goes up yes yeah that's usually how it works when something is in a set finite supply and as you increase the man that's you know you essentially validate the value that that incremental unit is providing and people are willing to you know pay more to access that value can you talk a little bit nother we're talking about the token King talked a little bit about the ico you know I know we're on a quick turnaround here so I will get this information out to the community as as soon as possible as soon as we get done I'm chopping it up and getting it out there but can you talk about the ico and maybe how that process is going for you I know you said you I actually had a some capital come in already so that's pretty exciting can you speak to that yeah so we're not a I guess a business plan right here so it's a real business in 2017 we have already raised seven hundred thousand USD and seed during our ICA Puri we've actually closed in May over two million in presale I now are in the public eye CEO we've actually launched in the crypto exchange with coin that's gone well so far so we're in a couple of days in with any Dean's left there was only really a short one week turnaround phase one there so you can actually buy a people wave tokens there we sold out a quite a significant batch of the first batch in 24 hours there's still a few days left to actually grab those tokens we have a very generous 75% bonus on those tokens for the next couple of days and we close the sale I think on the sixth so 6th of June yeah so now is the right time you know not crypt just make sure you carry away seen by the tokens while you can 75 percent bonus absolutely nice and is there anything else any other information tidbits you'd like to share you know for the listeners out there interested in people way well if you're sitting on the fence think about where those big HR and biggest software companies are going the Google's the LinkedIn's these sales forces the Oracles the SI peas they've dominated sales and dominated things like financial data in a only next big place they can go is employee data so that's the only place they've got left yeah so and what opportunities are there people wave is really the big opportunity in the HR space we are the first and best in the blockchain we're not about are putting CVS on the other blockchain we're not about kind of endorsing one set of skills or doing something new we're about putting performance data in the blockchain and making that relevant useful and verified obviously so you know if you're sitting in the fence it's a max next big opportunity we have a view over the next kind of five to seven years to either be the 900-pound gorilla or get acquired by one of those guys there's definitely a return in future that's awesome and you know it doesn't look at in the industry in general I know Microsoft actually bought LinkedIn a couple years ago for you know I think a billion dollars on the hip and then they just basically tried to turn it into Facebook and it's like it doesn't help the problem means these companies are just more or less mimicking each other nobody's really innovating nobody's offering any new value nobody's working directly with these big enterprise platforms to empower the end user and I think that's what you guys are doing from the beginning so I wish you you the best of success on your journey and I won't definitely keep an eye out for it and if there's anything I can do in the future I know we have a vast community 25,000 Facebook members about 30 40 thousand on YouTube you know and a lot of HR a lot of enterprise a lot of SMEs in there so you know maybe one day if we wanted to do it AMA or to bring you on after the fact when you guys actually launch the show to beta version you know I think that would be really cool as well well we'd love to get the community involved actually so anyone who wants to work sure sign up to waive base I'm sure we can figure out a deal that to be sure they get some tokens we're looking for as many kind of pilot users and people to actually share their a performance leader and get involved as possible we're speaking to some communities here in Asia and China with a bit of luck we should be able to announce them in a space of time that we have potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of users in the system you know what let's start here with the crypto community so anyone wants to get involved happy to keep talking and see where we end up awesome good the oh man well thank you so much I appreciate the the second opportunity you know to speak with you I know your time is valuable and I think it's at 8 or 9 p

m over there and Singapore now so I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today it's been a pleasure thank you so much thanks man take it easy good luck with brother weather thanks bye


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