10 FAQ for the Bitcoin course – Bitcoin to USD trading

Hello dear traders My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I will record the video about the 10 frequently asked questions that I receive for the Bitcoin trading course cryptocurrency never losing formula

So the first question that I often receive from the students is what leverage do you use for this Bitcoin trading course? Now, recently all the brokers have reduced the leverage for the Bitcoin This happened because of the huge boom in Bitcoin in 2017 and beginning of 2018 And actually many brokers during this time, lost so much money from their clients, because everybody was buying, the price was going up And really many brokers lost money, most of them removed totally the Bitcoin from their trading assets Some remain with limited quantity to be traded, others have reduced the leverage

So it really depends on the broker you have selected whatever leverage they provide you with the Bitcoin, you should use it And I don't want really to mention what I'm using because it would be a suggestion to the broker I am using as well And, it's a personal choice the bigger leberage which you use Of course you are exposed to a higher risk and in the same time of course you are able to make more money with it Now the next question is which brokers have the Bitcoin? This is again connected to what I am talking so far

Most of the brokers removed the Bitcoin Keep in mind that all of the scam brokers nowadays offer crypto currencies So try to stay away from these companies, look for the regulated brokers There are actually legit, regulated brokers that offer Bitcoin for trading So I really avoid this question it's one of the most common questions, that I receive daily

Also I have restricted our forum from writing about brokers because obviously there are many brokers who will advertise there Anyway I avoid suggesting brokers, but if you really have hard times about that, please, you can ask me at any moment, I will send you some names that I have tested, all right? The next question is what is swap in Bitcoin trading Swap is from CFD trading It's not only for the Bitcoin same for the Forex stocks indexes whatever you are trading So the swap is the cost we pay to the broker when we transfer our position for the next day

Well, we don't do it, the broker does it, okay? But if we open a trade today and so we hold it overnight for tomorrow it's transferring for the next day and the broker has to transfer it So they charge this swap, this is simply the cost they take from us to keep the trade for the next day And some of the brokers take really huge swaps, especially with the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies And of course, the scam brokers are taking ridiculous swap, I have heard from my students such a swap, unbelievable, really You can lose your money if you keep your position just open because they charge so huge swaps

So one more time, try to stay away from these brokers, all right? The next question is how do we trade the Bitcoin long and short? We trade it because we use CFD trading So CFD trading stands for contracts for difference It means that we trade on the value of the Bitcoin No matter where is it, no matter is it going up, is it going down, we trade it on its value So we can sell it in the same time we can buy it in the same time, all right? We buy it one price we'll sell it on more expensive price and we benefit this difference

Same on the other side We sell at one price we close the position at lower price and we will benefit the difference So this is how we are able to trade the Bitcoin long and short Unlike the exchanges where you can just buy and wait the price to go higher On the brokers market you can benefit even when the price is going down, okay? Next question is how to apply the never losing formula when we are selling? Already in this Bitcoin trading course I have placed short examples, okay? So at the end of the course you will see how I'm selling the Bitcoin and how I am using the never losing formula in this case

So it's the very same thing as when we are buying is just reversed So the first pending order for the never losing formula is on the upside, we will buy, okay? So, if we sell, the first pending order will be a buy stop, it's the very same thing just reversed And, as I said already there are examples in this Bitcoin trading course Now, the next question is do you have classes for the never losing formula in Forex and stocks

No, I don't have classes for Forex and stocks where I apply the never losing formula It is a very simple reason we are looking for the most volatile assets to apply the never losing formula And nowadays this is the Bitcoin, because actually the formula was developed long time ago for the Forex market But the issue there is that the price might stay in a range for long time which will increase your position a lot, and we really want to avoid that So we are looking for the volatile assets such as the crypto currencies and especially the Bitcoin where we will be out of the formula very quickly

okay? The next question is does the formula work for the other crypto currencies? Yes, this is the same question Well, as I said already, the formula can work on any assets and yes it works for the other crypto currencies I have recorded a course for the Ethereum where I apply very successfully the never losing formula And there actually, I combine it with an Expert Advisor But it doesn't matter, the important thing is to have a volatile asset and in this case I use the Ethereum

For the other cryptocurrencies, it works just greatWhat you need to have in mind is to keep this ratio 1 to 3 So the mid zone to the take profit should be 1 to 3, whatever asset you want to trade with, you can apply the never losing formula just keep this ratio, okay? And recalculated it Now, the next question is I do profits all the time but when I am sleeping I miss to enter the pending orders

Well, I can say that this is kind of an issue with the formula because obviously, if we use it, we cannot just go to sleep all night, and wake up in the morning to see what's going on, because it might have needed to have another pending order So keep in mind this is the trader's work If you're ready to do it professionally, if you really want to benefit, if you want to protect your trade with never losing formula, you will have to wake up during the night and to check what's going on with the trades So as I say in the course, what I do normally, I put my alarm on the phone every hour or two, depending really what is the trade, how much I'm trading with, But whatever I am trading with, I take it seriously And I wake up, and I just see on the phone what is it, where is the price, do I need to get up and put a pending order

And, if I have to do it obviously, I will do it If you're not ready to do that guys, better don't use the formula, okay? Because, if you miss to place a pending order, you will lose and there is a high possibility that your position will go on negative Then, it will be very hard for you to recalculate the formula after that and to compensate this loss OK? The next question is should I wait for the aggressive counter trendline? The aggressive counter trend line simply gives us a better entry, ok? Counter trend line is still great tool that I've been using for many years now and especially for Forex I apply it nowadays, as well, in cryptocurrency but the idea is that the aggressive counter trend line just give us a better entry

OK? So if we are buying, it gives us cheaper price If we are selling, it gives us more expensive price So it's up to you, if you want to wait Sometimes I know that only with the counter trend line there are great entries that you can use And sometimes, probably if you're waiting for the aggressive counter trend line, you will miss some of the good counter trend line entries

But I prefer to enter on a better price, even sometimes I miss the counter trend line, I prefer to wait for the aggressive counter trendline, simply because it will give me a better price and I will enter on a better level, all right? The last question is how do you sell more than what you have? I think I really kind of answered to this question This is because we do CFD trading, contracts for difference We can sell the Bitcoin without buying it previously What happened during the last years is that the exchanges got so famous when the Bitcoin was going up, everybody was just buying and waiting some people took some profits But unfortunately I can tell you that most of the people lost money there because they were hoping that Bitcoin will go up to a thousand

I don't know to what, but actually it didn't happen, the price fell down Now Bitcoin as kind of stable and starts to behave really like a currency However, it goes down as well and everybody saw that it's possible to go down, and you can sell the Bitcoin without buying it previously if you are trading but CFD trading with the brokers CFD trading is nothing really hard What we do is just be fund an account and we use this money to buy and to sell so we can sell without having it previously, all right? And I can say that I was not really a fan of the exchanges when it all started, because I knew that it was kind of balloon

It will boom one day and many people will lose money Well, it happened, I am glad that I showed this course to many students And many students used it during this time So they actually did profit, while others were losing unfortunately, but this is the market And with this course you will have the possibility to trade in both directions – to buy and to sell and I really hope that I succeeded to answer these 10 questions that I frequently receive

Of course, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me Drop any questions in our support forum I am always there to answer within 12 hours I'm very happy to assist you as well, there are already very experienced traders who will help you as well Have a wonderful day and always safe trading! Cheers


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